The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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Name: Patricia

Episode Introduced: Bloodletting (Season 2, Episode 2)

Episode Died: Beside the Dying Fire (Season 2, Episode 13)

Last Words: “They’re headed for it. Maybe Rick set it to draw ’em in.” (about the barn fire)

Patricia is an unofficial family member of the Greene family. Her and her husband Otis serve as farmhands, and she is also an assistant for Hershel’s veterinarian work. After the outbreak, she and Otis stay at the farm, banding together to survive in this new world.

When the walkers overrun the farm, the survivors realize they have to escape. With no hope of saving the farm, they all attempt to get into vehicles to escape. Patricia heads towards a car holding Beth’s hand, hoping to escape together. Sadly, walkers get ahold of her along the way, planting gangly teeth into her flesh. This death is horrifying Beth, who has trouble letting go of Patricia’s hand. Lori forces her to let go, however, and they escape.

Walkers take Patricia to the ground, eating her alive. She dies in agony with nobody else able to do anything to end her suffering. Presumably, she reanimates later after the others leave, wandering around the farm forever as a zombie. It’s a grisly end too many of this show’s characters meet.

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