The Walking Dead: 6 Characters the Show Did Better

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3. Hershel Greene

The Greene family patriarch was, well, kind of a dick in the comics.  While extremely religious, he swore constantly and always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder.  In both mediums, he was killed by the Governor at the prison, but it was a moment that definitely had a much bigger impact on the TV series.

A part of why Hershel was so great on the show was that his character adapted many of the qualities of the comic’s version of Dale, such as being a wise, kind-hearted and, eventually, one-legged.  After saving the lives of many beloved characters, including Carl and Glenn, Hershel became a fan favorite for many viewers.  It wasn’t shocking to see so many people reacting in sad, shocked and depressed ways once the poor old man got his head chopped off.