‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Depressingly Satisfying


Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Michonne has officially concluded following the release of its third and final episode, capping off the incredible mini-series with a powerful ending.

I love you, Michonne.

There. I felt like somebody just needed to tell that to the biggest badass of the Walking Dead franchise, after catching just a sneak peek of the horror that constantly goes through the mind of Michonne. Apparently what lies beneath her stone cold exterior are crushed dreams and a broken heart.

That’s what players will know for sure by the end of Telltale’s episode video game The Walking Dead: Michonne. The three-episode mini-series explains what Michonne was up to when she broke away from Rick’s group for an extended period of time in the comics, while also shedding some additional light on her backstory.

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Telltale has already proven to be expert storytellers in the Walking Dead universe, delivering 2012’s Game of the Year with the first season of The Walking Dead series. That game told the story of a convicted murderer named Lee who finds redemption in the apocalypse in the form of an eight year old girl.

Once again, they’ve knocked it out of the park with Michonne, which proved to be just as emotionally devastating despite having only three chapters. As comic readers, we already knew Michonne’s family was gone by the time she joined Rick’s group— but this game takes us directly into Michonne’s mind, where we can then see just how much her tragic past continues to haunt her every single day.

So, the writing and the story are rock solid, and the gameplay is just as excellent. The QTE’s for killing or evading zombies seem to be much more user-friendly, meaning casual or non-gamers should still be able to pick it up and play it without much problem. And every Walking Dead fan should.

While the focus is still mostly on making extremely difficult decisions and dealing with the negative fallout from those choices, you’ll still get the chance to slice off a few walker heads and limbs. Players truly feel like they are the one and only Michonne when playing the game, and that doesn’t seem like an easy feat to accomplish— so kudos to Telltale.

The story in this game only got more compelling and intense as I went through it, without being too specific (no spoilers here). I’ll just say that the experience was an emotionally-devastating thrill ride that saved its biggest punch for the end. If you’ve got some pent-up tears hiding behind your eyelids, The Walking Dead: Michonne is just the cure.

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You can now purchase the entire mini-series on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Windows/Mac. Expect to not be able to stop, binging through all three chapters in one go.

FINAL RATING: 10 out of 10