Fear the Walking Dead: Ranking the Surviving Characters

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Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

7. Ofelia Salazar

Ofelia is definitely the “blink and you’ll miss her” character on Fear the Walking Dead. Maybe it’s because she’s a quiet girl that keeps mostly to herself, but it’s always easy to forget about her being there. But perhaps being largely unnoticed is better than being hated.

Surrounded by so many unique individuals, Ofelia hasn’t really had a chance to shine or come into her own as a character. To be fair, she’s spent most of the series firmly in the shadow of her father. Maybe with Daniel having been burnt to a crisp, Ofelia will stand out a little more as the sole surviving Salazar.

Until that happens, though, Ofelia will remain close to the bottom of the rankings. The potential is there for her to explore several possible storylines, and it’s not impossible to make her more interesting. Knowing AMC, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up dying herself just as she starts to get a little more development.

Going forward, I’ve got to wonder how Ofelia will ultimately react to Daniel’s death. Her protector is no longer with her, so will she end up bonding more with Madison, Alicia, or Victor? Or will she just go withdrawn like certain other characters have done?

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