6 Retro Horror Film Franchises Still Making Sequels

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Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2 (De Laurentiis Entertainment Group)

3. Evil Dead

The original Evil Dead film trilogy consisted of three movies: The Evil DeadEvil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, and Army of Darkness. Directed by Sam Raimi, the films starred beloved horror actor Bruce Campbell as Ash, one of the most popular protagonists in the history of the genre.

But since the release of Army of Darkness in 1992, it seemed as if the franchise was dead, at least on film. Campbell would reprise the role in Evil Dead video games, but when an Evil Dead reboot was released in 2013, it seemed all hopes for that were dashed. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case at all.

Even with the reboot, Raimi showed interest in doing a sequel to Army of Darkness. That idea later became Ash vs. Evil Dead, a new horror series on the Starz network. Picking up decades after the events of Army of Darkness, Campbell returned as Ash for some all-new humorously horrifying adventures as the iconic character.

Rumors have swirled for years about doing more films in the series, including a sequel to the original timeline as well as a sequel to the reboot. There was even talk about doing another film after that to link the two timelines together.

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