‘Scream Queens’: ‘Handidates’ Handles Series Better Than Most


After two solid entries, FOX’s ‘Scream Queens’ continues changing its main export and keeps delivering the bloody goods in ‘Handidates’. Welcome back to the ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 reviews.

The following review of Handidates contains major spoilers. Scream on over to FOX for Scream Queens’ latest episode before reading. Enjoy Screamers.


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Since the beginning of it’s Season 2 opener, FOX’s Scream Queens has been changing its narrative entirely. Abandoning a main protagonist, and replacing it with more tone and hilarity, Scream Queens is now the show it should’ve always been.

In Handidates, that isn’t changing at all. Written by co-creator Ian Brennan, we get hilarious moments throughout the episode. From the meeting with Hester, to the amazing Chad Radwell (more on that later), laughing many times isn’t hard here. Surely, Handidates is goofy, gory, and a great time while never taking itself seriously.

Though that isn’t to say there isn’t narrative or exposition here. More than the previous two episodes, Handidates really begins setting up the “Green Meanie”. While the entry is still focusing on fun, it’s also pushing the series forward to its “who did it?” reveal. Also, the moments between Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos) and Radwell are amazing.

Moreover, writer Ian Brennan really takes the best parts of Season 1 when building Handidates . Hester framing the “Chanels” for murder, the “Red Devil”, Radwell’s buddy Boon, and many previous story points are mentioned. It’s little touches like this which really take storytelling to another level.

The “Chanels” in ‘Scream Queens’s’ ‘Handidates’- Courtesy of FOX

Furthermore, those craving a little blood lust, Handidates has two scenes of great gore. The first scene is good, but the other is insane. I still can’t believe stuff like this gets on regular TV. I’m a huge fan of gore, but it always shocks me this happens today when stuff in the ’80s was cut like crazy. There’s a damn decapitation…ON FOX!!!!! WHAT!!!!

When I die, I’ve left instructions to grind me up into a fine powder to given out to underprivileged dude who have trouble getting laid.- Chad Radwell

Also, direction is also a scream in Handidates. With Barbara Brown directing, there’s some solid camerawork here. The opening pull-back (from Chanel and pulling back to reveal the other two), the oner when the “Chanels” and Dean Munsch are wheeling out Mr. Warts and All, and the slow push-ins on Hester. These are just a few examples.

Lastly, there’s still something bringing a tear to my eye. I regret to inform you Screamers, but Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) has been killed. In a great curve ball, Chad Radwell is the next victim of the “Green Meanie”. I’m still wrenching from the moment and still not believing it. Radwell is one of the best moments of any episode involving him and I’ll be missing him for years to come. R.I.P Mr. Chad Radwell.

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So, will the gang get closer to finding the identity of the “Green Meanie”? Will Hester help find the killer before it’s too late? Whom will be killed next? Stay screaming at FOX to find out.


Barbara Brown‘s Handidates is another awesome episode of Scream Queens. When a show is more tone than story, it allows for more wiggle room and Handidates capitalizes on that. While moving the story more than any previous episode, Handidates is still a great hour of television. Screamers won’t be disappointed.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode,

Halloween Blues

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