Ash vs. Daryl Dixon: Who’s the Bigger Badass?


Ash of ‘Ash vs. Evil’ Dead is a smarmy Deadite killer; Daryl Dixon of ‘The Walking Dead’ is a zombie huntin’ redneck. Which of these two heroes is the bigger badass?


It’s the chainsaw against the crossbow— who’s television horror’s biggest badass?

This is sure to be a divided issue. Many horror fans strongly enjoy both Ash vs. Evil Dead and The Walking Dead. Many fans of The Walking Dead aren’t even familiar with Ash. Others are over the “zombie trend” and don’t care for Daryl or the show he’s on.

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1428 Elm’s Editors Jeremy Dick and Joey Click (The Dick ‘n’ Click Connection?) are diving into this debate here today to pick their sides. Read on for their respective arguments, and see if you are able to make the choice.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in

The Walking Dead

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Ash vs. Evil Dead is a phenomenal show. I’ll start by saying that. As a huge fan of Sam Raimi’s film trilogy featuring the Ash character, I’ll always love Bruce Campbell. He will always be one of my favorite horror protagonists. But when it comes to comparing him with Daryl Dixon? Sorry, but Merle’s baby brother is just a notch above Ashley J. Williams.

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Don’t call me a blasphemer, retro horror fans— hear me out. Ash is a very charming, humorous, and entertaining guy. And some of the things he does are definitely badass. Using a chainsaw for a hand to kill a demon? That alone is more wicked than anything I’ll ever do in my lifetime.

But it’s blind luck that keeps him going more than anything. Ash seems to only want to fight the Deadites when pushed. He holds his own, but on multiple occasions he relies on his companions to save him. Let’s also not forget that he’s the one who summoned the demons back in the first place. What kind of guy smokes a joint and ends up raising the dead as a result?

Daryl Dixon never shows the cowardly behavior Ash sometimes does. He’s also not responsible in any way for his franchise’s monsters coming about— but he’s doing a damn good job surviving in that world. His abilities with his crossbow demand more skill than a shotgun and a chainsaw do. While I do love Ash, he just isn’t quite as tough as Daryl when you compare the two together.

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in

Ash vs. Evil Dead



While I respect my colleague’s choice of Daryl Dixon, I’ll have to grab the Necronomicon, a sawed-off shotgun, and respectfully decline. Because let’s face it, there’s only one real choice here ladies and gents. While Dixon does share some traits with a certain Deadite slayer, there is no substitute for Mr. Ashley J. Williams.

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Firstly, Ash has years of experience slaying evil beasts. Whereas Daryl’s been killing Walkers for a few years, Ash has been slaying Deadites since 1981. Like in any profession, time on the job means something. And if the same applies to killing undead scum, Ash takes the cake…and a few Deadite heads as well.

Moreover, Ash has been through time and space killing Deadites. Traveling back in time, eventually saving a village from an undead Deadite double of himself, Ash has conquered evil multiple times in many different times and places. Mr. Dixon, on the other hand, has merely been surviving his post-apocalyptic world. Better luck next time little Daryl.

Also, Ash has the reach with the ole chainsaw hand. While Dixon’s crossbow is deadly silent and useful fro afar, it’ll run out of arrows eventually. Ash’s chainsaw, while needing maintenance and gas from time to time, will last longer and be more valuable than Daryl’s bow. Ash can kill far enough away to not be in danger many times over, can you say the same for Dixon’s weapon of choice?

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Plus, until he recently formed the “Ghost Beaters” with Pablo and Kelly, Ash was a lone wolf. Killing Deadites with his bare hand and chainsaw, Ash is always proving he’s a one-man army. Daryl Dixon, on the other hand, has needed Rick and the gang for quite sometime. While going off alone and showing traits of independence in short spurts, Ash is usually always surviving by himself. And if that doesn’t make him the most badass of all, then I don’t know what does Horror Heads.


You’ve read the two sides to this debate. Now, it’s your turn to decide for yourself who TV’s biggest badass really is. Is it Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s Ash Williams? Or is it The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon? Sound off in the comments below to pick your side!

Ash vs. Evil Dead is currently sawing away on Starz; The Walking Dead returns to kill Walkers October 23rd, only on AMC.