‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Interview: The Dashing Dana DeLorenzo Part II

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Dana DeLornezo as Kelly Maxwell in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’- Courtesy of Starz

1428: That’s a very solid point.

DD: And I think to see, and this goes back to your point, what I love most about the show is that I do get to be a co-creator. The producers and the writers, and the showrunner, have been so welcoming to collaboration. From day one, Sam was asking me to help him write a scene involving Kelly. Like getting my opinion on “What do you think happened between Kelly and her mom before this?” or ” What do think her Deadite mom would say to her to really upset her?” So I’m thinking “Sam Raimi really asking me!?” That was the tone that was set in the beginning.

1428: Well that’s good to know. That the writers, and whole creative team, have seemingly the same ideas as you. Especially a screen legend like Sam Raimi.

DD: Oh no doubt. So I will say some ideas I brought to the table that were used, from my personality. Because when you play a character for a while, it begins to get ingrained in you. And my sense of humor is very much the sarcastic, ball busting kind of humor. I love that kind of humor. So I have got to get a few good lines in there. The line “I will f*** your face with bullets” is an example. I just asked for it to be an alt line, like in a different take. But then executive producer Craig DiGregorio said “Let’s change it to that.”

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So it’s been such a thrill to be able to add flavor to the series, but I’m just a decorator you know. The writers build the house. The writers have the toughest job and I cannot commend them enough for what they’ve done this season. And not just for Kelly, but all of the characters and all of the storytelling on the show. But they have the toughest job but I just decorate it.

But I want to hurry because I want to get your questions. I know this is going a little long.

1428: No don’t worry. I have the time.

DD: So like you were saying, where Kelly went from Season 1 to Season 2, that is a natural transgression of the character. Because she was thrown into this. Which is very reminiscent of Ash’s journey. She had to have her closest people taken away and become possessed, so she could arrive at the diner scene where she has all this rage and has her first Deadite kill. 

And then you see it in the finale of last year. That battle in the cabin and coming into her own. She becomes a hero in her own right and can hold her own. So you needed that before Season 2 so that can be taken even farther. With those major moments. And when Kelly had to hold her own, she could serve as a backbone for the group. To keep everyone on track so we could, in the end, beat evil. I think you needed that in Kelly.

1428: I think we needed that as well.


Horror Heads, I don’t know if it’s better to watch Dana DeLorenzo kick ass or talk to her about it! With her carefree nature, it was awesome getting down to the details of one of TV’s best shows. To go through what makes Kelly tick and her journey, thus far, was truly a great time for me. I hope it was for you as well Deadites.

Therefore, if you’re enjoying our conversation with Dana DeLorenzo, don’t go anywhere. We have the final chapter in our “Trilogy of Terror” interview with the Ash vs Evil Dead actress. On top of that, we much more on series, including how Season 2 is the real start to the show. Stay scared and stay tuned Deadites.

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