20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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‘Friday the 13th: The Game’-Courtesy of Gun Media

9. There will be both single player and multiplayer modes

Upon the release of Friday the 13th: The Game, it will feature an online multiplayer mode. One person will play as Jason, and up to seven others will play as camp counselors. This is the heart and soul of the game, as it was designed from the start to be a horrifying multiplayer experience. The overwhelmingly positive reception to the beta proves that this mode will be eaten up by gamers.

But, let’s face it, not everyone is into multiplayer gaming. Certainly some gamers out there prefer a single player experience. Or it’s just possible that while you enjoy multiplayer games, you think there should be a single player campaign as well.

Well, we’re all in luck. While it won’t be available upon the game’s initial release, a single player mode will in fact be available. It will be available for those who bought the game to download in the summer of 2017. With the possibility of emulating certain moments from the iconic films, this could be very pleasing to fans of the franchise.