20 Reasons You Should Buy ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’

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13. Scaring people as Jason is addictive and fun

I’m not a very intimidating person in real life. Even with a hockey mask on, people would probably snicker if I tried to scare them. The truth is, I’m not the kind of person who elicits fear in people. And I wouldn’t want to be, at least on a permanent basis and with everyone.

But that doesn’t mean that scaring people isn’t fun. In fact, it’s extremely fun. I got to verify this myself while playing the beta of the game. And the fearful reactions I could elicit from players were very entertaining. It’s at least half of the fun as playing as Jason Voorhees himself.

That’s why it’s great most players use a mic or headset when playing these kinds of games. You can audibly hear them when you’re close enough. So if you manage to pop up in front of someone unexpectedly, you may literally hear them shriek in horror. And that keeps up as they attempt to run away, and it’s fun to get that reaction in a physically harmless way.

You won’t always kill a counselor upon every attempt. Sometimes, they fight back and manage to get away. But even if they do, you’ll be able to tell if you horrified them or not. And scaring them is still satisfying, even if they get to live (for now).