‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Interview: The Dashing Dana DeLorenzo Part III

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After two great entries, we’re finishing out “Trilogy of Terror” interview with Ash vs Evil Dead’s Dana DeLorenzo. Deadites, don’t miss this.

Check out Parts I and II to catch up before you read the following. Enjoy Deadites.

Dana DeLornezo as Kelly Maxwell in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’- Courtesy of Starz


If you’re a fan of 1428 Elm, or my work in general, you’ll know I’m a diehard Evil Dead fan. And throughout my life, I’ve heard about “Evil Dead 4” about a million times. Then last year, in a surprise twist, it actually happened in the form of Ash vs Evil Dead

Bringing along with its hero, Ashley J. Williams, Ash vs Evil Dead gave us new characters Kelly and Pablo. Acting as Ash’s sidekicks of carnage, these two are part of what makes the surreal series so great. Recently, we brought you Parts I and II of our interview with the amazing Dana DeLorenzo, the actress who brings Kelly Maxwell to life. Now, we finish that conversation.

So let’s all chop off a few limbs, head to Detroit, and slay some Deadites, as we continue our “Trilogy of Terror” interview with rising star Dana DeLorenzo.


‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 1 Promo Art- Courtesy of Starz

1428 Elm: So I imagine Kelly had a whole life planned out before meeting Ash Williams and hordes of Deadites. Often, actors will build a whole backstory for a character. Even when that’s not necessarily on paper by the creative team. What kind of life do you think Kelly would have lived had the Deadites never came back?

Dana DeLorenzo: You know, I did have a full backstory. And I do. But I don’t want to get into it really in the event it’s used because I’ve had conversations with the writers. Just if they ever decide to use any of it.

But you know, in Kelly’s core, she never really felt like she ever had a purpose. She was trying to find her way. I did see her as a bit of a rebel with a heart of gold. I think you see in the series, even with what she wares and she when uses unconventional weapons. Like when she uses the deli slicer.

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1428 Elm: Oh yeah. That was one of the most badass scenes in Season 1.

DD: Hahah right. Kelly is very resourceful and crafty. Even in what she wears, like cutting her own clothes and making her own jewelry. In Season 1, we did a fun thing. The wardrobe director came up with an amazing idea. In Season 1, her ring spells out a different word that pertains to the episode it’s in. In Season 2, her bracelet showcases different expressions. There’s different words on it every episode.

To go back on her always feeling lost. It’s a big reason why she likes anchors, because when you’re anchored, you’re grounded. So because she’s always been a little bit lost and never had a purpose, she’s so gung-ho to fight evil. She now feels needed and she has her a purpose. It’s driving her. Sure the need for revenge is there, but this need to win and this need to fulfill her purpose is there as well. So that was part of the backstory I had, just to give you taste.

1428: Yeah, it always feels she’s trying to balance the world. Like there’s something she as to make right. Even If it’s not something she did, but she seemingly has a need for balance. To right the world. And to get that balance, she’s ridding the world of Deadites.

DD: You are right. I’m not touching on it purposely but there are some past wrongs she wants to right. Some guilt. So maybe we’ll see some of that down the road in future seasons. But you’re absolutely right and I’m glad that’s coming through.

1428: Awesome, I really hope we see some of that. Honestly, both Kelly and Pablo are great characters. And not just in the world of Evil Dead but just in their own right. You guys could have your own show and I would watch.

DD: Well thank you. That’s so nice of you.

1428: No problem. I’ve never given a free compliment in my life, so you guys have earned it. So I watched an interview before Season 2 premiered, one with Lee Majors, and in it, Bruce Campbell said you curse like a sailor basically and..

DD: Well Kelly does. Not me so much, but Kelly for sure.