‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Why Season 2 Is True Continuation Of Fright Franshise


While ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 1 was great, Season 2 steps it up in brilliantly bloody ways. Here’s why the second season is the real start of film series.


Last year, after years of rumors and false hope, Deadites around the world witnessed the return of Ash Williams. Now packaging the long-awaited sequel to 1993’s Army of Darkness as a TV series on the Starz network, Ash vs Evil Dead came out swinging with Season 1.

Then Season 2 came along. Improving the series in every way imaginable, Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 is one of the best seasons in television history. Essentially, and rightfully so, Season 2 is truly “Evil Dead 4” in long-form. And guys, this show is just getting started.

So dust off that Book of the Dead, reload those shotguns, and oil your chainsaws as I get into why Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 is the real “Evil Dead 4”.

‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 2 Promotional Art- Courtesy of Starz


While I have no way of confirming this, the budget for Season 2 must have been upped from year one. While I believe budget has no implications as to the effectiveness to storytelling, it surely shouldn’t hurt a competent filmmaking team. With Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, it’s seemingly no different.

Sure, the film franchise is built on low-budget fair. But when series master Sam Raimi made the original three films, he put every penny he had on screen. Here, the Ash vs Evil Dead team seemingly does the same. Truly, the production is polished in every way while keeping the magic of what makes the series work.

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During Season 1, the series had to do a lot. Usually with first years, show’s must establish character, tone, and proper exposition — Ash’s television adventure is no different. While introducing Pablo and Kelly, as well as initiating how the Deadites return (Ash’s stupidity), the first season had to do a lot. This was a big problem.

But this all changed in Season 2. Now, you didn’t need side-character exposition (Kelly’s family moments/Pablo’s voodoo uncle), the show became more focused. With this freedom, Ash vs Evil Dead now focuses its efforts on driving the narrative car and not explaining its tires.


While Ruby, and Amanda to an extent, are decent foils in the first season, they’re nothing compared to Baal. With his Johnny Cash wardrobe, Baal is a true baddie in the best ways possible.

Also, what really makes Baal’s inclusion work in Ash vs Evil Dead work is the writer’s insistence in letting him dictate the plot. Whereas Ruby did this, to a lesser extent in Season 1, Baal’s actions cause the plot to hit the tracks running. Almost every episode leaves you yelling for more. Much more than Season 1 did.


Either way you saw it, Ash vs Evil Dead improves vastly from year one to two. With its perfect plotting, better bad guy, and possible bigger budget, the Evil Dead show is now better than ever. It’s a trend I’m thinking will continue into year three.

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So, do you think Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 is the true continuation of the fright franchise?

Love ‘Evil Dead’? Looking forward to ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Season 3? Let the other Deadites know what you think in the comment section below.