‘Aliens’: My First Reactions To The James Cameron Classic


After of being told for years to watch the sequel to Ridley Scott’s original 1979 classic, ‘Alien’, I finally sat down to view James Cameron’s 1986 sequel, ‘Aliens’. These are my reactions.

Warning. My Aliens reactions will contain many spoilers. In fact, this will contain almost only spoilers.

Wow, that was one hell of a ride!

With Alien: Covenant now in theaters everywhere, I figured I would share with you my initial reactions to the film some call “the best sequel of all time.”

Sure, I had see the original 1979 classic Alien, but the rest of the series I was lost on. I didn’t particularly love the original — maybe I need to sit down and revisit — and after viewing that film at such a young age, I never felt the need return to the world of Ripley and her slimy gang of friends.

Without further ramblings, I present my Aliens reactions:

-Movie starts simple enough. Its been years since I’ve seen the original, but I kind of remember her going to sleep at the end of Alien.

-She’s back and it’s only been… 57 years!!!!!!. WHAT!!!!

-There’s an alien in her stomach no!!!! Oh, it’s a dream. I was worried for a second.

-Why won’t anybody listen to her! Ripley knows what she’s talking about . This board is stupid….but not Paul Reiser. The Reiser is never stupid.

-Burke don’t lie. You better be going to destroy them! Look at that honest face, he wouldn’t lie…

-Ripley, you’re actually going back!? Are you crazy?

-Yeah, Ripley will show you Snow White. She’ll show all of you…and any Alien scum!

-Wait, Lance Henriksen isn’t a real human! I had no idea.

-Ripley, don’t be scared of him, Bishop seems nice enough… AND HE’S GOT WHITE BLOOD!

-“Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen” might be the greatest line in film history.

-Now it’s time to investigate these Alien happenings.

-There was supposed to be zero ammo used you idiot!

– Ripley’s taking the wheel. Look out Alien scum! ( I love saying Alien Scum!!!)

-Aliens gets torn in half, by ammo that shouldn’t have been there. Acid Alien blood to the face!!

-This film is further example of Bill Paxton‘s epicness.

-…and also Paul Raiser.

-Dude you should have told them about that slim. It may cause….AN EXPLOSION!

-“game over man. game over!”…FINALLY! I FINALLY HAVE SEEN IT!

– 17 days! What? That’s way too long.

– Burke is responsible!? Not Paul Raiser!

More from Aliens

-I didn’t know Michael Biehn has such a huge role in the film. That guy should have been a bigger deal.

-Creature in the bed!? That’s not fair Aliens.

-Now they’re locked in!?

-Good, they got out. Now it’s alien bashing time.

-Ahhhh, I didn’t expect this many aliens. You’re going to need more than that Ripley.

-Burke, don’t be a douche!? Open that door….Oh wait, now you can’t.

-Sacrifice for the betterment of the crew, that’s what I’m talking about!

-Look behind you Newt!

-Ripley taking things into her own hands. Get it! It’s on!

-See, Newt was alive, just a little stuck.

-Wait, those are too many eggs…ALIEN INVASION!!!!

-It’s the Mother Alien!!!!

-Open that door!  It’s Newt and Ripley…believe it or not!

-And the ship comes out of nowhere.

– Yes Bishop, you fake human you, punch it!!

-Ahhhh, you gotta love 80’s miniatures.

-Wait, there are aliens on the ship!!! NOOOO!!!!

-Not Bishop!! Ahhhh look at all that white blood.

-“Get away from her you Bitch!!!” Randy Meeks would be proud.

-No, the last half of Bishop is going to fall out that hatch!!!

-Now one big happy family…with half a synthetic human.

-End Scene. End film. Not bad James Cameron.

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That’s was amazing. After finishing the film, I can say with confidence that Aliens is in the ranks of the top film sequels of all time. I had a freaking blast watching it, and I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my silly comments along the way. I’ll probably be doing more of these in the future, so if you had fun, more is on the way. Now go finish celebrating Alien: Covenant . Today may be the day they don’t come in peace.

Love James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’? Seeing Alien: Covenant? Let the other Xenomorphs know what you  think in the comment section below.