‘Friday the 13th’ Game: 5 Horror Titles Devs Should Do Next

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Night of the Demons – Photo from MGM

1. Night of the Demons

As a big fan of the 1988 horror classic Night of the Demons, I can’t help but feel it’d make an incredible video game. If you’re not familiar with the flick, I’ll sum it up in a nutshell. A group of teenagers hold a Halloween party in an abandoned mortuary. After a séance goes wrong, a demonic spirit possesses Angela, the girl throwing the party. Angela turns into a demon, and by killing other teens, she is able to turn them into demons as well.

Imagine this as a multiplayer video game. At the start, one of the players is possessed by the demons, but we have no idea who. This player’s goal is to kill other players to turn them into demons as well. It would create an interesting dynamic, as those playing wouldn’t always know who they could trust. Possessed humans appear normal, only showing their demonic side when actively trying to kill.

It becomes a numbers game. As players are killed, they become “demons” and switch to the other side. It’d be easier to escape the Hull House by working together, but be careful — they could be a demon trying to trick you. By having killed players return as demons, gamers get the chance to keep playing past their death, until either all those remaining escape the building or everyone is killed.

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There’s got to be other possibilities I’m not thinking of. What kind of horror video games do you want to see from the Friday the 13th team? Let’s keep this discussion going by telling me your ideas in the comments below!