Twin Peaks – The Return: Something is very wrong

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The Power of Three

We meet Dougie after his afternoon “matinee” with a hooker named Jade (Nafessa Williams). Apparently, he is a realtor and they are “borrowing” a vacant house.  Jade is busy taking a shower and Coop 3 is having horrendous stomach pain. This isn’t surprising considering his connection to the other two Coopers who are experiencing their own runs of bad luck.

Evil Coop gags and projectile vomits in his vehicle. At the exact same time, Dougie is also ralphing all over the rug in the bedroom. A sonic boom explodes scaring Jade who hollers out to him asking, “What was that?”

Dougie can’t answer her because he has found himself in the Black Lodge. The one-armed man is telling him, “Someone manufactured you for a purpose but now that’s been fulfilled.” Coop 3 sees that his hand is shrinking. It is then that we notice he is wearing the Owl Cave Ring. Okay, time for a sidebar discussion!

The Owl Cave Ring was originally featured in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. This is a talisman that can protect a wearer from harm or it can actually be used for nefarious purposes. It didn’t help Laura Palmer or Teresa Banks from their unfortunate demises.

Back to Dougie, his body starts shriveling up and his head becomes a void of black smoke. He is reduced to a small gold ball and his ring. The one-armed man places the ring on a pedestal and leaves the room.

In the house, Jade is still in the shower. The electrical socket starts to glow. Black smoke starts to eject from it. It creeps toward the vomit on the rug. The smoke starts assembling into the real Agent Dale Cooper.

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Jade walks into the bedroom and sees Coop on the floor. She wants to know if he’s okay. He can’t really answer her. This Coop is very much like a blank slate. The way Kyle MacLachlan portrays his character is very similar to Jeff Bridges portrayal of the alien in Starman. Coop is like a child having to learn how to be human again. Being out of the loop for twenty-five years will do that to you!

There is a bit of business when Jade is driving Coop/Dougie to the Silver Mustang Casino. Unbeknownst to both of them, a hit squad has been dispatched to take Dougie Jones out. Once Coop/Dougie arrives at the casino, the fun begins. The quirky trademark Lynch humor is on full display.

All I can say about this is if you are a gambling type, you might want to drag Cooper along. You won’t be disappointed and you might see some monetary benefits. In the casino, you can catch a glimpse of Josh McDermitt (Eugene from The Walking Dead), Brett Gelman (Another Period), Meg Foster (They Live) and Ethan Suplee (My Name is Earl).

At the scene of Coop/BOB’s wreck, two policemen show up. One of them walks over to the car door and is immediately sickened. An ambulance is dispatched as the one officer helps his partner to the squad car.