‘Child’s Play 3’ (1991): Chucky’s Back and He Is New and Improved

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You Cant Keep A Good Guy Down via Universal Pictures

Later that night Chucky attacks Andy and tells him of his plan to possess Tyler. Before Chucky can kill Andy, Shelton barges into the room and takes Chucky as it seems Andy is slamming a lifeless doll into the floor. Andy attempts to sneak into Shelton’s room to take Chucky back when he stumbles and wakes Shelton. Chucky was has vanished and Shelton suspects somebody stole him.

During punishment outside for the perceived theft Tyler is playing hide and seek with Chucky. They make their way to Col. Cochran’s office where Chucky tells Tyler they are going to play “hide the soul”. Chucky’s interrupted as DeSilva and another cadet come into Cochran’s office to look at Andy’s file.

They find Tyler with Chucky and begin laughing about it and putting lipstick on Chucky. They hear someone attempting to enter the office and quickly flee. The person in question is Cochran himself. When Chucky springs to life holding a knife, Cochran is so frightened he keels over and dies from a heart attack.

The next day Whitehurst visits the school barber. After his haircut he hastily exits. As the barber is cleaning up he sees a shadow in a cabinet. As he goes to investigate what it might be Chucky falls out. The barber humorously tells Chucky that his haircut is not regulation. He sets Chucky in the chair and before he can cut his hair Chucky dispatches him with a straight razor to the throat. In his hurry to leave Whitehurst forgot his hat, upon coming back into the barber shop he sees the dead barber. Chucky while still holding the razor tells Whitehurst “Boo!”