Why Jason Goes To Hell’s Creighton Duke is Friday the 13th’s Dr. Loomis


Today’s marks the 24th year of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’. And to celebrate the ‘Friday the 13th’ event, we’re examining the underrated character, Creighton Duke.

Friday the 13th has more in common in Halloween than you think.

Today, slasher fans everywhere are celebrating . While it’s not the iconic date, both Friday the 13th Part III and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday were released today. The films 35 and 24 years old, respectively, the event had me thinking about how underrated JGTH is. And more specifically, how Creighton Duke is basically the iconic series’ Dr. Loomis — high praise no doubt.


Adam Marcus’ ‘Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday’ — Courtesy of New Line Cinema

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Before we get into this, I hear your problems with the ninth Friday the 13th. The film is completely overstuffed with Voorhees mythology, introducing uninformed elements like Jason’s sister. While rumors persist series creator Sean Cunningham’s ego is reason to blame for so much “Voorhees” lore — unseen in the eight films prior — it’s there regardless. And it’s truly a misstep in the series.

So, Friday Freaks, I’m in your corner. But there are so many strong aspects to the film — one of the strongest being Creighton Duke. For years, I’ve championed not only the film but its character not seen in many horror films. In fact, I’d say Duke is the series’ Dr. Loomis, and if had been introduced films earlier, could have been horror royalty. Don’t believe me? Please allow me to explain.


Just like Halloween’s Loomis, Duke is carrying vital information about Jason Voorhees. He’s not only been tracking the masked manic for years, he knows how evil he is. Just like the doctor in Halloween II,  Duke knows Jason’s still alive and coming, bringing death with him. But Is he afraid? Of course not, he’s thinking about hot dogs and doughnuts.


On top of being one kickass guy, Duke is also pure plot device. Using him exactly how Carpenter uses Loomis, director Adam Marcus uses Duke to drive the plot. While Looms is tracking Michael Myers, spewing exposition along the way, Duke know’s how to kill Jason. Without Duke, Steven and Jessica know nothing of the dagger, how to kill the machete wielding beast and his body hopping ways. Without Duke, everybody is screwed.


Duke, like Loomis, is willing to die to end the carnage. In Halloween II, the doctor attempts to kill Micheal Myers using gas and a lighter — it’s time micheal. While he comes back in Halloween 4, if asking Carpenter the fate of Loomis, he’ll tell you he’s dead.

And at the end of Jason Goes To Hell, Duke does the same. While in the Voorhees house, another Halloween rip but that’s for another day, a battle rages between Jason and our three characters. With the killer trying for the Freeman baby, to be reborn, Duke intervenes and gives his life to stop the blood spilling. And if that doesn’t scream selfless protector, I’m not sure what does.


Today marks the 24th year of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. After all this time, I still feel the film is massively underrated. With so much to offer, regardless of so much incorrect “Voorhees” mythology, the film deserves a second chance from fans. It’s a great movie, just not a good “Jason” movie. And Creighton Duke is a huge part of that greatness.

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