Evan Peters to portray multiple serial killers including Charles Manson in AHS: Cult


With ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ coming, Even Peters is playing multiple roles in the upcoming season, including infamous serial killer Charles Manson.

American Horror Story is joining history’s scariest cult…

We’re just over a week away from the highly anticipated premiere of Ryan Murphy’s sever-year-old terrifying televised brainchild on FX and we here at 1428 really couldn’t be any more pumped!

The trailer for the widely discussed seventh season entitled American Horror Story: Cult dropped just last week and clued us in a little visually on what to expect amidst months of teasers via Murphy on his social media handles. And oh man, my body is ready come Sept. 5. That is, I thought it was until news broke on the expansion of season veteran Evan Peters and his role(s) in Cult.

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As already reported, fan favorite Peters is back in Cult as an eccentric, and according to the trailer below, avid Trump supporter. Playing Kai, who also rekindles an on screen relationship compared to a “love story for the ages“, with fellow AHS favorite Sarah Paulson (Ally).

Per Deadline, Murphy is revealing Peters’ role expands much more than a blue-haired madman as the FX hit series creator explains the actor will also be portraying some of the most infamous cult leaders in American history. Those include as Jim Jones, David Koresh, Andy Warhol, and Charles Manson, most likely in a series of flashbacks in the upcoming episodes.

Per a media Q/A event with Murphy:

"“We examine how these people rise to power and why people followed them, when we can look at what happened and they’re all such idiots. But for some reason, there was something going on in the culture, at that time, where people were so disenfranchised that they were like, ‘I’m going to follow you, Charles Manson, and I’m going to do whatever you say.’”"

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Of course, Peters is no stranger to perfecting an ominous role such as a psychopathic mass murderer. As you may remember, his stint in the fifth installment of the hit series as Hotel Cortez owner and serial killer James March, a character inspired by the infamous H.H. Holmes — America’s first listed serial killer. So it’s not surprising Murphy has bestowed these challenges upon an actor who clearly plays creepy so well.

The creator also confirmed that actress Lena Dunham will portray Valerie Solanas, the American radical feminist and author of SCUM Manifesto who attempted to assassinate Warhol back in the Summer of 1968. Dunahm will appear in the seventh episode this season entitled, “Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag.”

American Horror Story: Cult makes it’s debut next Tuesday, Sept. 5 on FX. The season stars Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Billy Eichner, Alison Pill, Billie Lourd, Cheyenne Jackson, Colton Haynes, Frances Conroy, Lena Dunham, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, Mare Winningham and Leslie Grossman. Check back with 1428 Elm for full coverage of the horror hit’s seventh season.

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