78 Shots, 52 Cuts: Iconic Psycho shower scene gets documentary (trailer)


After over half a century, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ still claims the most influential scene in film history. And ’78/52′ is telling why its immortal.

Psycho is still the granddaddy of all slashers…

According to Entertainment Weekly, people are about to go Psycho all over again. Coming Oct. 13 to select cinemas and VOD, 78/52 is ready to share the shower with you (play nice). Focusing on iconic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, the documentary looks better than resting at Bates Motel.

So check in, call doom serv…I mean room service, and shower up while checking the trailer below, courtesy of Screen Division and Exhibit A Pictures:

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Does that make you want to stay in the death motel or what?

Coming from filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe (Doc of the Dead, The People vs. George Lucas), 78/52 looks absolutely incredible. Featuring director Guillermo del Toro, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Osgood Perkins (son of Anthony Perkins), the documentary is a welcomed bookend to a solid year for Psycho fans (Bates Motel ending).

A relic among movie maniacs, Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece is a true classic. With its insane tale of macabre matricide, the film’s shower scene still ranks as the best in film history. Encompassing 52 cuts, from an incredible 78 shots (where the doc gets its name), there’s simply nothing better in horror. And hopefully, the doc makes us love the moment even more.

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So, are you ready to hit the bathroom with 78/52? Look for the documentary Oct. 13 in select cinemas and VOD platforms everywhere.

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