Friday the 13th: JGTH director says Cunningham told him get rid of Jason


With fan wondering why there’s little “Jason Voorhees” in 1993’s ‘Jason Goes To Hell’, the film’s director is clearing up the decades long confusion.

One of Friday the 13th’s biggest legends is being addressed.

A few days ago, Facebook group Club Voorhees invited Jason Goes To Hell director Adam Marcus for a quick Q and A. Boldly answering question after question about the 1993 sequel, the conversion features stellar insight on one of horror’s most controversial sequels.

During the conversation, and arguably bolder fan asks a question every camp counselor’s been wondering for years. Ready for a good ole unmasking?

Here’s what director Marcus says when one Friday the 13th fanatic asks “Is it true that Sean Cunningham told you whatever you do? Just get rid of the damn hockey mask?”:

"“He sure did! And yes, I’ve seen his YouTube video where he calls me a “fucking liar”. So I’ll put to all of you. I was 22 when I got that job. 22. He was 50 and he was Sean S Cunningham. So either he let a 22 year old tell him how to make a movie (which makes him a eunuch) or he told me to get rid of the mask (which makes HIM a liar). It drives me nuts that he so desperately needs the world to think he’s in love with Jason.”"

Marcus, who wrote and directed the first New Line Jason movie, goes on to say:

"“He’s not. It makes him money. That’s the only love he has for Jason. He made a movie with almost no Jason in it (the first film) and then he didn’t make another one till my film. He hated the hockey mask and Jason and all of it. But it made him money. You know, I’ve never said an unkind word about Sean because I owe my career to him but he doesn’t get to lie about my integrity. He should worry about his own.”"

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Man, Adam Marcus is taking off his camping gear and ready for battle.

In the infamous ninth Friday the 13th film, Jason Voorhees is chasing a beautiful woman befitting of the series’ iconic name. As the masked maniac approaches, Jason almost gets her, but wait, IT’S A TRAP!!

An army swarms in, blowing up Mrs. Voorhees’ baby boy to bits in the process. Throughout most of the remaining film, Jason moves from body to body in an worm like form….it’s pretty weird.

While the killer does reunite with his mask (and body), a lot of counselors are still hate it relentlessly. Often citing the lack of Jason in pure form as a complaint, JGTH is often cited as one of the worse entries. But as it turns out, the reason we had Jason is the reason we didn’t later.

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