Stranger Things producer talks if Netflix series would work as a feature film


With the popular Netflix series returning next month, Stranger Thing’s producer Shawn Levy is talking if the ’80s inspired series would work as a feature.

Stranger Things is basically a feature film right…

According to Forbes, Stranger Things could be going 35 millimeter. With the second season of the Netflix hit coming soon, everyone is talking the town of Hawkins. All the strangers of the world are counting down the days — I know I am.

Recently, producer Shawn Levy stopped by the popular financial site to discuss everything upside down. During their conversation, the show’s medium came into question, whether it would work as a feature film. It’s here where things get interesting….or strange.

Here’s what Levy is saying on the issue, which is surprising and not surprising at the same time:

"“I think that it would look and feel like the same show because of the look and feel of Stranger Things is inherently cinematic but I can’t remember the last time an original piece of content, and I hate to use this word but a movie, eventized itself at this scale. We still see, thankfully, original films like Baby Driver come out of nowhere and do great but the cultural ubiquity of Stranger Things around the world, I don’t know that that can happen with a movie without pre awareness IP.”"

Levy, a working producer with over 35 credits to his name, goes on to address

"“Now it’s very interesting because Stranger Things is the IP. What happened with the way it was felt, the way it was embraced and re-consumed dozens of times occasionally over the last year, that would not have been possible as a theatrical release.”"

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Well everyone certainly loves the Netflix phenomenon.

Honestly, I think a lot of the popularity has to do with the accessibility of Netflix. So your friend says “This movie is amazing, you have to see it!” While you may trust your friends opinion, you have to actually go to the theater and pay money — a lot of effort for our fast moving world.

But if the same friend says “This Netflix show is amazing, you have to see it!”, you’ll be more apt to check it out. You already have the service (a majority), and probably scroll through the catalog before bed or when bored. When you see the recommended series, you’ll likely give it a shot.

But would Stranger Things work as a feature film? You bet, it just may not become a cultural phenomenon.

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Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby BrownFinn Wolfhard and Winona Ryder. Series creators are Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer. Netflix handles distribution while 21 Laps Entertainment and Monkey Massacre produce. The horror hit returns Oct. 27.

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