I Still Believe: See Sax Man play Lost Boys song at HorrorHound Indy ’17


While on the scene at HorrorHound Indy ’17, 1428 Elm caught a lot of greatness. A certain The Lost Boys veteran came to perform. We STILL can’t believe.

The Lost Boys fans, do you still believe?

A week ago, HorrorHound gave fans of The Lost Boys something truly special. While hosting a reunion panel with veterans of the vampire film, including actors and musicians, the convention went above and beyond.

Fans of the ’80s mainstay should remember the buff sax man screaming “I still believe” over and over again on the boardwalk in song. The moment is quick, but it’s one of the more memorable moments in a film filled with memorable moments. Although It could be because I thought the sax playing maniac looked like a buff HBK.

Either way, buckle up because Timmy Cappello was at HHW Indy ’17 to perform “I Still Believe” and we caught it on video! Blood bunch, it’s time to head back to Santa Clara:

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I know I know, I was a little drunk and shot it on a friend’s old smartphone…BUT ISN’T IT INCREDIBLE REGARDLESS!?

One of the best vampire films of all time, The Lost Boys holds up today stronger than ever. The movie is truly great, and the talents of Timmy Cappello make it better. It’s one my favorite moments in recent memory. I mean, did you see him solo in the crowd?

This is just one example of the awesomeness at HorrorHound conventions. While the Indy show is in the past, the popular magazine is setting up shop for the Columbus, Ohio event soon. Taking place Nov. 3-5, it’s looking like another can’t miss show from HorrorHound Weekend — Friday the 13th fans should be especially pleased.

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For ticket and lineup info, visit the official HorrorHound Weekend site. 1428 Elm should be on hand as well, so we’ll see you there.

Love ‘The Lost Boys’? Looking forward to the next HorrorHound Weekend? Let the other vampires now what you think in the comment section below.