Preacher Feature: Season 2, Episode 13 — ‘The End of the Road’


The end is here. Our weekly Preacher roundup continues with Season 2 Episode 13 – “The End of the Road.” Let’s head to The Longhorn State.

Hello, Preacher fans! It’s been a while! Did you think I was dead? I’m not dead. I thought I might be dead, but no, we’re good.

Speaking of which, some shit went down in the season finale, right? Cripes. Let’s unpack, shall we?

We open with another flashback to young Jesse’s days in Angelville. This scene reveals to us that a) our Preacher has always been a scallywag, b) his childhood seemed pretty miserable, and c) Gran’ma L’Angelle has some spooky skills up her sleeve. She can revive the dead, but be warned, everything comes with a price.

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Sweet precious Eugene makes his escape from Hell, and at the last second, decides to bring along his new friend Hitler. He believes Hitler has earned his escape — he’s finally done a good deed, you see — and encourages him to cross over. He doesn’t belong in Hell anymore.

If you’re concerned about Preacher building a redemptive arc for “Hitler”, rest well knowing that it doesn’t really last. As soon as they arrive back in our mortal realm, Hitler runs off like the mass-murdering scamp he is, bound to get into all kinds of bad shit.

Dammit, Hitler.

Now, let’s keep in mind that sweet precious Eugene was in Hell when his entire hometown was destroyed. Where will he go? What will he do? And how will he find out?

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Back at the homestead, Cassidy and Tulip prepare to finally go on that trip to Bimini. Problem is, Cassidy’s bloodlust has been rising. Mixing with his regular lust for Tulip, their tropical escape has all the potential to turn into a nightmare.

That said, we all know Cassidy has been far better at controlling himself than Denis. That merciful conversion has caused more trouble than expected. Before they depart, Cassidy begs his son, “promise me you’ll be good”. When Denis slyly shoots back with “can you be good?”, Cassidy has to confront the monster that lies within them both.

Cassidy may have committed horrible sins over his last 119 years, but he seems like he genuinely wants to change. Can he guide his son through overcoming the challenges he’s already faced? Can he stand idly by as Denis gleefully commits the same atrocities? Most of all, can he resist the urge to slide back into that lifestyle?

He decides Denis must be stopped, for the sake of them both. Cassidy shoves Denis through the window, trapping him on a sunny balcony as he bursts into flames. Cassidy has been looking haggard as of late, and surely, with this added weight of destroying his own son, it will be a struggle to keep his head above the proverbial water.

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Now that Jesse has agreed to work with Grail Industries to promote himself as the Messiah, he’s being dragged around to PR events with Herr Starr.

First up, he acts as a guess speaker at a Catholic school with Herr Starr providing everything he’ll need to succeed as a religious figure without really trying. A speech damning the “murder, rape, sedition, incest, and lesbianism” in the world? Check. Interruption from a group of armed Armenian terrorists? Check. Beat them single-handedly in combat while the whole thing is recorded and uploaded online where it quickly goes viral? Double check.

Herr Starr is ready to parade our Preacher around like the religious gilded pony that he is — next up is a spot on Jimmy Kimmel — when Jesse receives a long awaited phone call from Cassidy. Unfortunately, it’s not the social call he was hoping for — something has gone horribly wrong.

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Tulip had gone back to say goodbye to her friend Jenny, aka Grail operative Lara. Finally, after like half a season of trickery, Tulip figures it out. She connects those damn dots. And it gets her shot.

Jesse rushes to her aide, much to the dismay of Herr Starr. Starr shows Jesse that he has the portion of extracted soul from the Saint of Killers, and if he wants it back, he must return to his role as the next Messiah. As our Preacher takes off, Starr calls off the ambulance that was on its way to save Tulip, sealing her fate. He’s one shady bitch.

Once at Tulip’s side, Jesse tries to use Genesis to make her breathe, but somehow, it doesn’t work. Cassidy sees their only solution; he needs to turn Tulip into a vampire. Jesse refuses. Their built-up frustration comes to a head and they grapple on the floor as Tulip is dying mere feet away.

Jesse knows one other way to save her.

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As our Preacher drives toward Angelville with the stiff body of Tulip in the backseat, a livid and emotionally beaten Cassidy can finally confess that he hates him.

Just you wait, Cassidy. Just you wait.

We’ve been through a lot this season. The team’s camaraderie has been shaken. They’ve been exposed to new dangers and cutting lies that have slowly chipped away at the one-strong connection between Tulip and Jesse. Season 2two has shown us that this world is a lot bigger than Annville…and there’s a lot of room to roam.

AMC’s Preacher is like a game of Jenga. There are several layers built on one another, and with one false move the whole thing could fall. But it’s been expertly maneuvered so far, and with a tower that’s building ever higher, I can’t wait to see what’s coming in season 3.

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