Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 fever kicks in with episode titles revealed


With February 25 fast approaching and the Season 3 premiere on STARZ, everyone is catching Ash vs Evil Dead fever. At 1428 Elm, we have a few insights as well as episode titles.

“Time to suck a little saw.” – Ash Williams

Gearing Up

February 25 is coming like a freight train and bringing with it the Season 3 premiere of STARZ original kickass series, Ash vs Evil Dead. Fans are pumped up and the internet is a buzz. Even the network is feeding the frenzy with random tweets like this one:

Loyal viewers of the series are out in full force demanding that STARZ bring back their favorite chainsaw handed hero and his fighting Ghostbeaters for a renewal. #BringBackBoomstick is very much alive and thriving. That being said the season 3 opener should score some numbers in the ratings.

New Characters on the Block

Thus far, we know several things to be true. Mark Verheiden a television, movie and comic book writer is at the helm. Bruce Campbell fans know him as the writer of the cult classic, My Name Is Bruce. Others may be more familiar with him as the executive producer of Daredevil and Constantine.

As a writer, he knows Bruce’s unique voice so he should be adept at keeping the writers on point with the storyline. This season after almost four decades since the original Evil Dead started filming to twenty-six years after the last film in the trilogy, Army of Darkness, we finally find out why Ash has been prophesized as the “Chosen One.”

We also have the knowledge since last June courtesy of Campbell at the Saturn Awards where he revealed that Ash has a daughter. In our interview with Ray Santiago, he confirmed that Arielle Carver-O’Neill would be portraying Brandy Barr, Ash’s daughter.


He also gave a little insight into the dynamic between him, Brandy and Kelly. “Time will tell if she is trustworthy, time will tell if she will take Pablo away from Kelly, time will tell if she is evil, time will tell if she really is Ash’s daughter, it is just a matter of time before everything is unfolded.”

Another new addition to the cast is Lindsay Farris.  According to Bruce Campbell at the BUILD series at New York Comic Con last year, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) is “very instrumental in introducing another demon fighting squad.”

Enter Farris as Dalton, the sexy, ultra-cool James Dean like leader of the Knights of Sumeria. The Knights are an ancient sect (according to STARZ PR release on the show) who “seek Ash to lead their fight against the Dark Ones.”


This Season on Ash vs Evil Dead (Minor Spoilers Ahead!)

Before we get into the meat and potatoes so to speak, IMDB has released three of the episode titles which may give a little indication of what is in store. Episode 1 is “Family,” Episode 2 is “Apparently Dead,” and Episode 3 is “Booth Three.”

Family is most intriguing and is probably related to setting up Brandy’s storyline. Have to admit the other two sound interesting as well. Could Apparently Dead focus on 80s Ruby? As for Booth Three…. who knows?

At New York Comic Con’s BUILD series, the AVED gang shed some light on what to expect this season. I will warn you there are minor spoilers ahead that have been reported by other sites such as IGN.

Sneak Peek at Episode 1

In our coverage of NYCC, here is what Ray had to say about what’s up with Pablo at the beginning of the season. Pablo finally gets his food truck. Pablito’s Fish and Chips is a reality. According to IGN, Pablo also works for Ash for free at Ashy Slashy’s Hardware Store and Sex Toy Emporium.

Campbell says that Ash is “doing local commercials for his store. He saved Elk Grove and now he’s cashing in on it.” Of course, his character being the way that he is can’t help but interject a few jokes about nuts and long screws into the ad.

Dana DeLorenzo calls Kelly, “a warrior without a war.” Apparently, in episode 1 according to IGN, she is an excessive force using bouncer. This seems to be in line with what Dana revealed to us in her September interview.

“This season Kelly gets to take on the upper hand and take someone else under her wing. And I think that’s a really special thing. I loved taking on that journey with her.” DeLorenzo goes on to say that Maxwell is becoming her “own warrior, without any sort of reasoning other than learning from Ash and pushing herself to the limits, I think that’s more interesting for Kelly’s journey.”

Pablo comes into his own this season as well. Partly because of his “bonding” experience in season 2 with the Necronomicon. In Ray Santiago’s words, “I think that Pablo sees things very differently and I think the evil force also sees Pablo very differently.”

“The evil force comes back. There will be more torture for him. He will find that his best weapon is within himself. His Brujo power might help us.”

Sneak Peek Continued

Evil shows up again in the form of 80s Ruby (Lucy Lawless) looking like an ice cold demonic goddess with Farrah Fawcett platinum locks. IGN states that the Necronomicon turns up on an Antiques Roadshow type tv program.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Cast Promo Pics – Lucy Lawless -Courtesy of Lionsgate -STARZ

Of course, that is like a beacon to her. The Season 3 trailer actually features Carver-O’Neill’s debut on screen as Brandy when she is about to get attacked by the Cougar mascot. As for her relationship with her Dad, Campbell explains, “Ash is a lousy father. There’s a lot of reconciliation that has to happen.”

Another first that fans of the Deadite Slayer can expect is their stoic, hard ass hero has a breakdown of sorts. However, Bruce is quick to point out, “It’s not like a permanent condition. Ash has a few glitches, that’s all. He doesn’t become a basket case. He still saves the frickin’ world but he’s going to do it in a very lumpy way, as always.”

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Ash vs Evil Dead starts February 25 at 9 p.m. on STARZ.

What do you think about Episode 1? Do you like the additions of Dalton and Brandy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!