Bruce Campbell: Social media, personal milestones and the joys of writing


Bruce Campbell in an interview with went beyond Ash vs Evil Dead to discuss the pitfalls of social media, turning 60 and why he enjoys being a writer.

“Discretion is the better part of valor.” -Shakespeare

The Information Era

Technology can be a blessing or it can be a curse. Nowadays, we live in a fast food mentality nation. We want what we want when we want.

This is why social media plays a huge part in the way that we interact with one another (or lack thereof) and even in the way we live our lives. For all of us, the phone has become a necessity similar to eating and drinking that we can’t seem to exist without it.

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When you are in the public eye Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help you stay relevant. You can communicate with fans, impart helpful information and grow your career.

However, if you don’t exercise good judgment, that helpful tool can turn around and bite you in the ass. In talking with, Bruce Campbell, star of Ash vs Evil Dead and best-selling author has some definite opinions on the subject.

“We need to be aware of what we say, because things are not erased. Actors should take social media classes, 8 hours of classes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.” This doesn’t only apply to actors or people in the entertainment business. It is just common sense.

Campbell further explained his approach on how to effectively use Twitter. “If I would talk about politics I would lose half of my fans because our country is very divided politically. All I do is post a link where I talk about a convention I am appearing in.”

No Shortage of Mojo

One of Bruce’s best performances was a 60 something Elvis Presley in Bubba Ho-Tep. While this effort maintained a veneer of being a horror film, beneath the surface it was really a treatise on what it means to age in a youth obsessed country.

This year, Campbell will reach a personal milestone. The actor turns 60 in June. When asked what the future has in store for him, he responded, “As long as the audience likes Ash vs Evil Dead, I will do it. Then, I will dedicate myself to something else. It’s time to do other things, carry out other projects.”

When he hangs up the chainsaw for good, what does he envision life will be like for him? “I will continue to write books and not necessarily books that talk about movies.”

Currently, on Bruce’s horizon, “I’m writing a collection of essays, a script that I would like to make into a movie.” Would he be tempted to possibly direct one of his scripts?

The answer is yes! “You can be a director when you’re old, like John Houston. Even if you’re in a wheelchair, as long as your brain works!”

So, if Season 3 proves to be the end of Ash vs Evil Dead or if there is a Season 4 renewal, one thing is for certain. Campbell’s fans will get to enjoy his work for many years to come!

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