Ash vs Evil Dead: Lucy Lawless on Season 3 and Bruce Campbell’s hair


People TV ran a fun segment on Lucy Lawless, everyone’s favorite demonic queen, Ruby on Ash vs Evil Dead. Lucy gives the details on what she is up to in Season 3 and what is the deal with Bruce Campbell’s hair.

“My hair!” – Everett in O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Ruby as a Benign Canadian?

In a chat with People TV, Lucy Lawless drops some clues as to what Ruby is up to in Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead. We find out that she’s a guidance counselor. Say what?

I can’t even begin to imagine that because as Lucy says, “That’s exactly who you want in charge of your kids!” Of course, if Ruby is hiding out in a school, there certainly is an ulterior motive for it.

Like any good disguise, you have to make it believable on a regular basis. Lucy chose to give her character a slight Canadian accent to make her seem “benign” and less threatening.  It just might work because we all know how things have a way of happening when Ruby is uber determined!

When asked by the host for a go to phrase, Lucy conjured up something that sounded very close to Frances McDormand’s accent in Fargo.

Don’t forget your copy of the Necronomicon and check out the interview below:

Who Is the Funniest Co-Star?

On the topic of co-stars, Lawless had nothing but praise for each of them. She cited Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo as being amusing to be around. However, when it comes to El Jefe, Bruce Campbell wins the contest.

“Sometimes something on the page doesn’t look that funny but when he (Bruce) says it, BOOM! The hilarity quotient goes up 1000%. There is just something about the guy.”

Lucy is absolutely right. Pablo gets a few zingers but Dana may actually rival Bruce with her delivery of dialogue. I mean who else can utter the phrase, “I will f*** your face with bullets!” which is totally badass and yet funny at the same time.

Please Stop Messing with Bruce Campbell’s Hair!

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The last topic that Lucy covered was Bruce’s “luscious locks.” I kid you not but that is what the host calls Campbell’s hair. Now, his fans will find out exactly how he feels about his mane.

He resents it! Really? According to Lucy, “He has makeup artists titillating his hair and he’s like ‘Get away from me’!” Apparently, fussing over his coif makes him grumpy.

Bruce could care less about his hair. “He just wants to be old and grey and everybody get out of my face.” While this may sound like he is being a temperamental jerk, in actuality it makes him more like a regular person.

In Hollywood, where everyone wants to augment their looks through surgery or camera trickery, Campbell is content with just being himself. That is a rarity.

Lucy’s sneak peek at Ruby in Season 3 sounds wonderfully diabolic.  Catch her and the rest of the cast Feb. 25 at 9 p.m. on STARZ!

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What do you think Ruby is up to this season? Can you picture her as a guidance counselor? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.