Ash vs Evil Dead: Ted Raimi strikes again with two glorious Shemp’s ads


Bruce Campbell and STARZ dropped the last two Shemp’s Beer commercials on social media for Season 3 directed by none other than the multi-talented, Ted Raimi!

“You know when cocktail hour is? Any time.” – Ashley J. Williams

If You’ve Got the Time, We’ve Got the Shemp’s

Elk Grove’s favorite beverage is back! Bruce Campbell and STARZ dropped the last two Shemp’s beer commercials yesterday on Twitter.  Ted Raimi confirmed that he is the director of these hilarious spots.

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After the success of the hot ’80s ad featuring Dana DeLorenzo and Gwendoline Taylor as sexy vixens straight from a music video, the second installment in the series is entitled “Drinkers Not Thinkers.” Of course, this one is Ash centric.

Gwendoline makes a brief appearance in the beginning but this is all Campbell. Trust me when I say he makes the most of his screen time. Dancing around with his chainsaw, guzzling the product you have to fight back the laughter.

The beauty of this spot is that Bruce isn’t afraid to be ridiculous and Ted is the perfect director to let him just do his thing. I do have to point out as a child of the 70s, there is a shot of Bruce doing the Robert Conrad Eveready battery commercial from 1978.

For those of you that don’t remember it, Robert Conrad was the star of the 1960s steampunk western, the Wild Wild West. He was a boxer and an all-around tough guy.

In the commercials, Conrad would set the product on his shoulder and dare the audience to knock it off. Bruce does his best imitation with the steely eyed look and the cockiness as he tosses the Shemp’s can off his shoulder.

Kudos to Ted for the nod to that little piece of advertising history!

Who Gives a S***? It’s Beer!

The last Shemp’s advert is a sly wink to the late ’70s and ’80s Miller Lite commercials with “tastes great, less filling!” In another Ted Raimi special, Ash is cavorting in front of a groovy background with his chainsaw. Please Hack Responsibly flashes across the screen.

“Fewer calories, less filling? Who gives a s**t?” This is way better than the old tagline mentioned above. To get an idea of what I am talking about, take a look at this late ’70s commercial.

The ever-versatile Raimi wrote both Shemp’s spots. His team includes producer Stacey Libbrecht and editor Thomas Fugelsang. If Ash vs Evil Dead is renewed for a Season 4, I hope they bring Ted back to do more of these segments.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 premieres Sunday Feb. 25, only on STARZ.

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