Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell takes on the fans


Yesterday STARZ hosted a live Q & A session with Bruce Campbell on Facebook. Always quick on his feet, Campbell quipped and joked and also imparted some knowledge.

“If you don’t want a sarcastic answer then don’t ask a stupid question.” – Unknown

All Ash, All the Time

STARZ hosted a live Q & A session with Bruce Campbell on Facebook yesterday. Fans got to spend an hour with the actor and he did not disappoint. Answering a variety of questions from his current gig on Ash vs Evil Dead to what’s in his immediate future, no one can work a virtual room like Campbell.

As expected, quite a few fan inquiries were regarding the current season and beyond. Of course, the inevitable bringing up of fellow colleagues appearing on the show occurred, will Netflix pick up AVED if this turns out to be the end of the road and the perennial favorite, will there be a movie after the series ends?

So, sit back and enjoy Bruce taking on the fans!

Ask Me Anything

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ash in Ashy’s Slashy’s Hardware Store and Sex Toy Emporium – Courtesy of STARZ

Fan: On a scale from 1 to 10, exactly how groovy are your co-stars? Be honest… they’ll never find out. 🙂

Bruce Campbell: They are all a 9.  10 is impossible.

Fan: If no one is safe in Season 3, if a character doesn’t make it will there be a window of opportunity for them to return in some fashion in Season 4 if the fates allow?

BC: Folks come back from the dead on this show all the time. I guess it depends on how popular they are!!!

Fan: Do you actually enjoy playing Ash?  What has been the silver lining in becoming a cult icon? And if you could do it all over again what would you change?

BC: Because of the new show, Ash is officially my favorite character to play. He’s so horribly flawed it’s awesome!

Fan: Would ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ ever consider cameos by some horror icons like Robert Englund, Kane Hodder or Doug Bradley?  I feel like that would be pretty cool.

BC: Absolutely. Those guys are great. I see them at cons all the time. Swell idea!

Fan: With ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ getting huge everywhere in the world, is there a chance we could see a continuance in the form of a movie? It would be pretty cool to see this happen!

BC: We never thought we would resurrect the Evil Dead world on TV, so anything goes. I no longer rule anything out.

Fan: Ok so…Did Ash knock up that chick from the 1300s? I’m wondering if that Knight from Season 3 premiere is their great, great, great Grandson.

BC: Spoiler alert?

The Fun Continues

Fan: Are you happy with the way the series is going? If Starz decides to not pick up Season 4 and 5, will you guys seek out another venue, like Netflix?

BC: Not sure. We’ll know soon. And honestly, if Season 3 is the last hurrah, we have ended it with a bang. Fans should dig it.

Fan: Wouldn’t it be cool to see a younger version of Ash meet with present Ash, something like what they did in the last Terminator film?

BC: In fact, let’s just get the younger guy for Season 4!

Fan: “Ash Blue” should be an official registered color based on the shirts you’ve worn throughout the ‘Evil Dead’ history, agree?

BC: 100%

Fan: If ‘AVED’ were renewed for a 4th and 5th season, what direction would YOU personally like to see the show take?

BC: Off the charts wacko!

Fan: If the show gets picked up for five more seasons, would you still be up for it? If not, what would be the reasons of your departure? Your death? Don’t die please!

BC: Nothing short of death and contractual obligations will keep me away from this show!

Life after Ash vs Evil Dead or Something Like That

If this should be the final countdown for Ash and the Ghostbeaters, what exactly are Bruce’s plans? Well, now we have some insight.

Fan: You had mentioned in a few interviews about doing homegrown projects perhaps turning to directing again after ‘AVED’. Do you have a specific passion project other than your Land Management doc that you would like to see come to life?

BC: Folks ask me if I have “any big projects” coming up. No, but tons of “small” projects! Gonna do a wide array of stuff, mostly in my home state of Oregon.

More Real

Bruce Campbell – Ash’s Final Test – Courtesy of STARZ

More from Horror on TV

LifeFan: I was wondering about a movie called Highly Functional. Do you know when it’s going to be released? I’m interested because I’m autistic myself.

BC: I really think it’s great. I have a tremendous fear that it will not “get out.” I’ll keep you posted as I have great interest in its release.

Fan: Even though Hollywood has gotten remake happy, is there a dream role you would love to be cast in? Perhaps a favorite film from childhood?

BC: After AVED has run its course, I have some dream gigs of my own.

Fan: Bruce, are you excited to meet your fans @ WSC London next weekend? I’ve got an op with you and plan on getting my ‘Man with The Screaming Brain’ comic signed!

BC:  I’m very excited to return to the UK. Haven‘t been there in a while.

Interaction with his fans is what sets Bruce Campbell apart from other actors. He isn’t afraid to speak with them nor engage them in conversation.

No matter the outcome whether or not AVED gets renewed or if this is their ride into the sunset moment, one thing is certain — Bruce Campbell will be A-Okay.

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