Ash vs Evil Dead: Lindsay Farris — Dalton might be a descendent of Ash!


Yesterday on Instagram, Lindsay Farris aka Dalton from Ash vs Evil Dead chatted with fans about the Knights of Sumeria and whether or not his character could be Ash’s descendent.

“You are the Prophesized One.” – Dalton

A Knight on a Steel Horse

Australian actor, Lindsay Farris aka Dalton on Ash vs Evil Dead, got together with fans yesterday on Instagram to answer their burning questions about the show. However, it seems like viewers want to know about the origins of the Knights of Sumeria.

They first appeared in Army of Darkness twenty-five years ago pledging their steel to Ash. In the present-day incarnation according to Farris in an interview with Decider, “Ash’s version of the Knights has evolved to using motorcycles and shotguns.”

How did Dalton become a knight? From my chat with Lindsay at 1428 Elm, we learn that his training is based on theory. “He is clinging to these whispers of dreams. Dalton has all of this old mythology and knowledge about Sumeria and the ancient components of the evil that we often see with Ruby.”

An interesting question came from one of the fans wanting to know if the Knights of Sumeria and his connection to them rested on his mother’s side or his father’s side. Thinking for a moment Lindsay replied, “Did his mother or father train him?”

Then Farris dropped this bombshell theory. “I feel like maybe Dalton has a sister and the backstory comes from there.” Obviously, his knowledge of evil came from someone as for trying to put this information to use, Dalton has never had the chance.

As Lindsay explains, “He’s like a brain surgeon who’s read all the books but has never had to cut a head open. I don’t think Dalton is expecting this evil to be a mascot with funny teeth in a high school. The reality is much more different than he originally thought.”

Ash’s Descendent?

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A theory that I have been hearing from some of the fanbase online has been, “Could Dalton be part of Ash’s lineage from Army of Darkness?” So, I took a chance yesterday and asked the Knight of Sumeria himself.

Now, we all know the hero who fell from the sky had a romantic liaison with a fair maiden named Sheila back then.  Gimme some sugar, baby and pillow talk were a pretty certain indication that a no pants dance occurred.

Given that little moment in time, here’s what Lindsay Farris had to say, “Time travel exists in our show. Bruce Campbell went back to the 1400s where the Knights of Sumeria originated. There is a huge chance Ash created a child back then so it is possible that Dalton is part of his lineage. Then down the chain, boom, boom, boom he travels forward in time.”

There you have it. An idea that could possibly be explored in the future? Never say never.

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