Ash vs Evil Dead: Apparently Dead or Kids — what’s the matter with them?

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Ash vs Evil Dead – Apparently Dead – I Love the Smell of Old Man in the Morning – Courtesy of STARZ

I Love the Smell of Old Man in the Morning

Brock and Ash are circling one another like two rams on a mountain top. You can feel that this encounter is going to come to blows and probably won’t end well. Ash challenges his father to take him on, Brock grabs a can from the refrigerator and goes to hit Ash but instead nails his Granddaughter right in the forehead knocking her out.

What ensues is the best fight ever between two veterans of television. All I can say is Raicho Vasilev, Bruce Campbell’s stunt man does great work, plus he probably has the battle scars to prove it.

From the back flip that Ash performs to Brock hurling Ash across the room, the sequences are action packed and totally believable. In the end, when it looks like Ash might get his ass totally kicked by his demon Dad, he locks and loads his chainsaw and saws him right down the middle.

Just in time to witness her Grandfather’s “death,” Brandy gets showered in a torrent of blood. In shock, she bolts out of the house as Ash attempts to explain that Brock was already dead. As his words fall on deaf ears, all he can do is utter, “Kids.”


Executive producers Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, showrunner Mark Verheiden and the writing staff are going all out this season. Each episode exceeds expectations.

There is more character development than in the first two seasons. We are actually getting to see who these people are when they aren’t fighting demons. It is all about family and interaction.

From the snappy one liners to the touching moments, all cylinders are firing and the stories propel the show along. Even though the action is crazy you get the sense that there is change in the air and it is coming fast and furious.

The actors are like a well-oiled machine. They know each other very well and this extends itself on to the small screen. You get the sense they believe in their characters and their own personal missions. You can’t help but become invested in their outcomes.

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The Verdict

Joseph LoDuca is an incredible maestro. The score for this series from the plaintive violins whenever a character is in turmoil to the choices of retro songs only adds to the experience. From Crimson and Clover to an old Broadway musical, the eclectic options really pay off and pair well with the story even giving insight.

The brilliant Kids from the musical Bye Bye Birdie well, what can be said? Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless talk singing their way through it? So apropos to the circumstances of the episode and highly entertaining.

Campbell does a pretty credible turn conjuring up memories of Paul Lynde from the movie. Lucy sounds like an exasperated mother. It is pure magic.

I am totally invested in this show and I can’t wait to see what lurks around the corner each and every week.

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