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Blood Smoothies Are the Fountain of Youth

The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Randolph and Olivia – Courtesy of Fox

Why is she doing this? Then you see a couple sleeping Kayla (Genevieve Buechner) and Dr. Randolph Luvenis (Jere Burns). You think this seems normal and yet it isn’t. They are actually joined together.

In the bed next to them is a woman who is watching a television show and reciting every line. Okay. Nothing wrong with that but then she starts drinking a blood cocktail then you realize maybe this might be the cult Mulder was alluding to.

As it just so happens, the woman is former television and movie actress Barbara Beaumont (Fiona Vroom). In actuality, she is 85 years old but doesn’t look a day over 35. How is that even possible? Two words. Blood smoothies.

The Cult of Craziness vs The Silent Avenger

The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Mulder and Randolph and Kayla – Courtesy of Fox

We eventually find out that Juliet is looking for her sister, Olivia who went missing. Juliet knows what happened to her because her sister was obsessed with being perfect.

After questioning her based on a tip from a local priest, Mulder knows that she is the one exacting revenge on the cult members.  While they are following the trail to the cult, Barbara Beaumont is worried that she is acquiring lines on her face.

Her husband Randolph who is attached to Kayla as we learn for sustenance and for him to retain his youthful good looks is trying to assuage her fears by telling her she doesn’t look a day over 33 when he met her.

Annoyed that they can’t procure more organs and blood she acts out in anger by cutting off Randolph’s “blood supply aka Kayla” and then she has Warren (Samuel Patrick Chu) one of the cult members kill himself. While his fellow members harvest his organs, Barbara who is bat shit crazy starts singing the theme to the Poseidon Adventure, Morning After.

Leap of Faith

The X-Files – Nothing Lasts Forever – Mulder and Scully in the Church – Courtesy of Fox

The end does justify the means sometimes. In the case of Barbara, Juliet kills her thus freeing her sister Olivia who actually ended up attached to Randolph. She knows she is going to the grey bar hotel for her deeds but she isn’t sorry because her mother now has her sister back.

For those of you that relish Mulder and Scully time, the last scene in the church was for you. Throughout this show, I was struck by how often the duo referred to their ages. They aren’t trying to hide the fact that Scully is almost 50 and Mulder is in his mid-50’s. Instead, the writers are embracing it which is refreshing.

In one of the most touching scenes in the show, Mulder tells Scully he believes in her. After so many years of doubting her decision with William, of feeling sad that she and Mulder couldn’t work their relationship out, he tells her that.

Then as he stands before her he says he is listening to her when she questions if they are together. She then leans over and in true Lost in Translation fashion whispers something in his ear.

When they part, Scully tells Mulder that she is taking a leap of faith with him. To which he responds, “I always wondered how this was going to end,” right before they kiss.  This is exactly how we want it to end, Fox.

The Verdict

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This was a heavy-handed episode. What I mean by that is as an audience member, I felt like I was being hit over the head with a message. There were certain scenes that felt like overkill on the whole theme of being obsessed with having to be beautiful all the time and not wanting to age.

I did enjoy the Mulder and Scully moments. However, they were bittersweet for this viewer. I get the sense that the show may be wrapping up and that makes me sad because the X-Files were a huge part of my youth.

However, time marches on and people need to grow and go down different paths. I get that. What we were given tonight is what fans of the show always wanted. That ending where maybe Scully and Mulder stand a chance as a couple.

No, I am not a shipper. The exchanges between the two characters were heartfelt and not phoned in. There was a depth of emotion behind the dialogue. Duchovny and Anderson have grown into their alter egos.

Whatever the direction if the show comes back for Season 12 or if it doesn’t, The X-Files will always have a special place in my memories.

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