Ash vs Evil Dead: Total ratings for episode 2 released


The total ratings for Ash vs Evil Dead episode 2 were released. Three weeks into the season, do they really mean anything or are we just whining?

“People don’t want to hear the truth; they never do.” – Paul Mooney

Live + 7 Ratings for Booth Three

Despite being one of the most talked about episodes next to the Morgue, the ratings are in so how do they stack up to Season 2? Live +7 is the statistic for DVR views. These numbers reflect how many viewers watched within 7 days after Booth Three aired via their DVR.

According to TV by the Numbers, the initial ratings showed 171,000 viewers tuned in live to watch the show. 209,000 viewers recorded Booth Three via DVRs. This adds up to 380,000 viewers overall.

Comparing these numbers to Season 2 where episodes averaged 600,000 viewers + total L+7 viewers (DVR) and you can see the difference.

How Does a Show Get Renewed?

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That said, let’s examine what this means. There are so many factors in determining whether a show gets renewed by a network. According to Vox, there are a myriad of reasons why shows don’t make it.

Is the show expensive? How much does it cost to do episodes? What effects are being used, locations, etc. all of these things add up. If the show doesn’t attract viewers that’s also a factor.

Is there streaming potential? It is possible for shows to live on after they have reached their life expectancy on a network. Hulu, Netflix, iTunes or Amazon could buy the property.

Normally, those services tend to look at shows that have 100 episodes or more. However, if a show is niche and has a devout audience, that can be a selling point. As Vox so aptly states, “Though they’re only a small part of the network decision-making process, the number of plays on a streaming service like Hulu can make a difference in a show’s fate.”

It May Be Too Late

Yesterday both Bruce Campbell via the Hollywood News and Dana DeLorenzo on Afterbuzz in separate instances said the show is dangerously close to not being renewed. Dana gave a helpful suggestion for people who want to buy the show but may not be able to afford the app. She suggested that you could get your friends together and chip in $2.00 to pay for the app and then binge all month.

On Twitter someone said that it was hard to watch the show when his cable company dropped STARZ. Campbell replied, “Hard? Yes. Impossible? No.”

Every cast member has said that if this is the last season, fans won’t be disappointed. By all accounts, it’s going to be a balls to the wall type epic ending. That’s a befitting way to say goodbye to the franchise and a legendary show.

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