Ash vs Evil Dead: Unfinished Business or a Dickensian moment

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A Bond Is Forged

Ash vs Evil Dead – A Bond is Forged – Courtesy of STARZ

Kelly and Brandy are developing a bond that is based on blood much like her and Pablo. Because Kelly clearly has a respect for Ash, she is willing to protect his daughter. Also, the two women share the fact that evil took away their kin.

Dana DeLorenzo is coming into her own this season. She has given Kelly such self-possession that you are starting to realize that she could very well in fact, command the Ghostbeaters. Kelly is letting down her tough chick veneer so that we can see the vulnerability that lies so closely beneath.

Arielle Carver-O’Neill has managed to convincingly play a teenager who is caught in the middle of a crazy situation. Maybe it is her resemblance to Bruce Campbell that assists her but she is definitely revealing that she is Ash’s heir.

In certain scenes and the way, she interacts with Dana DeLorenzo as Brandy, she has incorporated some of Campbell’s mannerisms as Ash. Her delivery even reflects the fact that she is very much her father’s daughter.

This particular episode has effectively set up the potential for Kelly and Brandy to team up. There is a level of trust that is developing between the two characters that will no doubt pay off in the future.

Kelly’s Powerful Pain in the Ass

Ash vs Evil Dead – Powerful Pain in the Ass – Courtesy of STARZ

After last week’s disappearance in those damn woods, Ray Santiago has re-emerged as a Deadite. It is apparent, that he is clearly having a blast playing this demonic incarnation of his beloved character.

At one point, he even conjures up the “Shining” because like Jack Torrance, Pablo utters this following bit of dialogue, “If you don’t let me in, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow this f****** trailer apart.”

This is clearly what fans have been waiting for Santiago’s chance to chew scenery but in a totally fun, non-hammy way. You are amused by Demon Pablo’s antics and yet he is truly terrifying because Santiago really sells his character wanting to inflict bodily harm on Kelly and Brandy.

Hell, he even takes a bite out of Kelly’s calf for crying out loud! Through all of his antics, viewers will see that what Kelly feels for Pablo is definitely deeper.

Their bond of blood is strong. She loves him unconditionally that even in his evil disguise, she is willing to protect him because wants to save him despite the fact that he is a “powerful pain in the ass” to her.

Ruby the Queen of Demons

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ruby the Queen of Demons – Courtesy of STARZ

For the small amount of time that Lucy Lawless as Ruby is on screen is definitely a memorable one. She is clearly enjoying the dark path that the writers have chosen for her character. This Ruby appears to be serene and has the ability to blend in as a sympathetic figure with mortals.

That is a terrifying skill to possess and one that is serving her well this season. Her schemes and her singular focus on destroying Ash only lend itself to the fact that this could very well be the end of Elk Grove as we know it.

She is cold hearted even with her spawn. There really is no sense of maternal love or nurturing. With her son, she is more of a coach watching a prized athlete. She is training him for his ultimate gig as the ruler of the world.

Her scenes with Lindsay Farris as Dalton are better than any Joe Pesci moments in Martin Scorsese’s films. When she tortures him at the cabin to extract information from him, you don’t blame him for blowing off his own head.

The Verdict

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As the show progresses each week, the mythology is starting to infuse itself into the storyline more and more. We are learning who Ash really is and the potential impact he will have on the secular and the spirit world.

Ash vs Evil Dead has now become darker in tone but is still retaining the humorous elements that fans know and love. However, the episodes are becoming like mini-movies and you get the sense that the bell is going to toll soon for various characters.

Even though the cast, the writers and the rest of the creative professionals involved in Ash vs Evil Dead are pulling out all the stops this season, I still can’t shake the feeling that the inevitable is coming down the pike.

This is a show with so much potential and talent that it deserves a renewal from STARZ. That being said, the journey toward the epic finale is well on its way. Fans had better catch this series while they still can. It is worth it. Every single episode.

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