The X-Files Finale: The end of an era or a new beginning?

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Life Finds a Way

The X-Files – Mulder – Courtesy of Fox

Mulder goes flying into the water but rounding the corner is the real Fox who saw what happened to his son.  Without hesitation, he shoots his biological father and pushes him into the water.

Scully arrives to see the aftermath. Highly emotional, Mulder tries explaining to her that he couldn’t save their son. Seeing the man that she loves in pain, she tries comforting him by saying that maybe it is time to let William go.

Confused, Fox looks at her with tears in his eyes. Finally, Scully tells him. William is CSM’s child and the result of an experiment that should have never happened.

Incredulously, Mulder stares at her as she goes on to explain that she was just the incubator not a real mother. Then a reveal that no one saw coming. She is pregnant with Mulder’s child.

As the pair hold one another on the dock, like Martin Sheen rising from the water in Apocalypse Now, we see William surface in the harbor.

Final Thoughts

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I have already read reviews where writers are basically lambasting Chris Carter for telling us a story that we didn’t want or need. Well, I don’t agree with those criticisms at all. As a matter of fact, I will go out on a limb and say this is precisely what some of us faithful viewers for twenty-five years HAVE wanted.

Carter is famous for leaving every season on a cliffhanger. This year, at the very beginning, he told everyone questions would be answered. He didn’t renege. Now, Skinner is a question mark. Did he die or is he alive?

Actually, that isn’t enough to be a showstopper. Instead, it could actually be a starting point for Season 12 if the television gods decide it is warranted. Now, there is no mystery to Mulder and Scully.

They ARE a couple. No more wondering will they or won’t they. Sure, CSM is gone, maybe. Remember, he did survive at the end of the original series even though he was blown up.

Monica Reyes is still out there. She could save him. Of course, William has survived.

I am thinking Carter was rather brilliant for setting it up so that if Fox decides not to renew, fans would be pacified and if the network did want them back, plenty of stories left to tell. Sure, Gillian won’t be there but the door is left open for her to return if she would choose to do so for a couple of episodes but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Until We Meet Again

I am not ashamed to say, I did get teary eyed. This episode felt like the end. While that saddens me, I can accept that fact and I look forward to whatever adventures Chris Carter can dream up in the future.

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