Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell is on Instagram now? Yes, it’s true!


After years of being on Twitter and Facebook, Bruce Campbell has made the leap to conquer another social medium, Instagram.

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Just Shempin’ Around

For seven years, Bruce Campbell has been a presence on Twitter. The self-proclaimed B movie actor has managed to be fairly prominent on the internet due to his active fan base. The same thing can be said of his Facebook account.

Last summer, when Bruce started to post Snapchat photos and videos of himself, fans clamored for more and wanted to know if he was on that platform. Both his Twitter and Facebook feeds are highly entertaining and chock-full of pertinent information such as personal appearances, upcoming acting gigs and the list goes on and on.

Instagram Bound

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Yesterday, Campbell took to both of his social media accounts to make the announcement that he would be focusing more on business for Twitter and Facebook. His Instagram account would contain his more personal postings. For him, that would include pictures from his notable lollygagging adventures as well as other assorted surprises.

This interesting move comes on the heels of the actor making various announcements that he wants to slow down if Ash vs Evil Dead is not renewed for a fourth season. The feedback from his fans has been mostly positive but of course there are some that are annoyed that he is moving to another platform and they have to add another social media feed.

With the future of his series up in the air this is another way to keep his fans engaged in between projects. Check out his info below:

Always accessible to the public, Instagram offers a rare glimpse into his world that fans will really enjoy.

You can catch Bruce in Ash vs Evil Dead every Sunday at 9 p.m. on STARZ.

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