Offline bots getting IQ’s raised in Friday the 13th: The Game


After some gamers began complaining about offline bots in Friday the 13th: The Game being slow in the brain, the developers are making them smarter..

Campers, killing in Friday the 13th: The Game’s getting harder….

According to We Got This Covered, playing the Friday the 13th game offline is getting harder but a whole lot funner. After counselors began complaining about the lack of intelligence in the new offline bots, Gun Media is changing the experience. Basically re-hauling the entire bot system, the counselors are going from fodder to fighters. One things for sure, you better be ready to battle at Camp Crystal Lake.

Here’s all that the emerging gaming company is promising to change about the bots, as found on the official forums:

  • AI will now be equipped with Perks that better match the selected difficulty level. Playing on Hard? The counselors might be packing a Perk that starts them out with a defensive item, just like their human counterparts.
    • AI will be better at choosing a hiding spot, and what cabins they should enter based on the number of other counselors in the cabin.
    • At higher difficulties, counselors will more carefully select and use weapons, especially weighing their chance to stun. They’ll probably ditch that stick for something that packs a bit more punch.
    • AI might not be able to appreciate music, but higher difficulty AI will use the radios located in the cabins as a means of distraction.
    • Higher difficulty AI can shoot more accurately, place traps, and will attempt to open Jason’s traps with pocket knives.
    • They have become better at repairing vehicles and letting friends into a repaired car before they take off, as well as getting back onto the road in case they wreck.
    • Counselors will react more realistically to sounds – broken windows, doors, walls – and depending on difficulty and the counselor you snatch up, they may have an easier time of breaking free of Jason’s grasp.

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I’m not sure about your Friday freaks, but this is sweet music to my ears. While the prospect of mindless killing even more mindless bots in the game sounds fun, it becomes very repetitive. After an hour or two, you’re left sitting more apt to pop in one of the films than keep playing. With the change, having a unique experience every time is more likely. Get ready to work for those kills you crazy campers.

Based on the iconic franchise, Friday the 13th: The Game is one hell of a fun ride. Since debuting last May, Gun Media has consistently updated and refined a game that’s redefining a genre. With the game surely to help bring other fear franchise to gamers hands, there’s a new era of gore gaming on the horizon. And the future is looking both brighter and more deadly dimmer than ever before.

Friday the 13th: The Game is now available on on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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Still enjoying Friday the 13th: The Game? Looking forward to bots being smarter? Let the other camp counselors know what you think in the comment section below.