Ash vs Evil Dead status: Click bait or credible news? I want to believe!


Renew Cancel TV is reporting that Ash vs Evil Dead has been renewed for Season 4. Is this news too good to be believed?

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” – Oscar Wilde

Too Good to Be True?

Renew Cancel TV is reporting the beloved cult TV show but ratings challenged Ash vs Evil Dead has been renewed by STARZ for Season 4. This seems in direct contrast with the ratings reported for episode 5, Baby Proof.

In our article published last week, Ash vs Evil Dead: Ratings for Baby Proof are anything but, TV Series Finale was stating that the episode only brought 3,000 more viewers to the show. As of this moment in time, the overall averages for Season 3 are exceedingly low when compared with Season 2.

Right now, the series is only averaging 182,000 viewers which is down 40.84% from Season 2 which had a total of 308,000 viewers. While anything can happen in the world of television and it usually does the welcome news of a renewal seems like wishful thinking (not that a go ahead for Season 4 is improbable)!

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Series star Bruce Campbell was telling everyone at the start of his European book tour that they would hear the news of AVED’s fate in mid-March. Well, that window came and went with no word on a renewal or a cancellation.

Segue to yesterday and Renew Cancel TV is stating that according to “insider sources,” AVED has been “internally renewed and slated to premiere in 2019.” The site goes on to reveal that STARZ has not set AVED as the “last in the series leaving the door open to a potential fifth season in 2020.”

One of the reasons for my skepticism of this news is the use of the term, “insider sources.” I imagine if this is legitimate internal confidential information privy to network personnel eyes only then I can understand the anonymity. However, often times this phrase is used in lieu of credible facts.

Why Doesn’t Deadline or TV Series Finale Have This Info?

I am not claiming in any way shape or form that Renew Cancel TV is peddling bogus information. However, I am wondering why Deadline or TV Series Finale didn’t break the news first. According to TV Series Finale:

Ash vs Evil Dead – Renewal Status 2 – TV Series Finale

Case in point, Krypton is being reported as renewed for Season 2. However, once again, TV Series Finale is giving the same response, “neither cancelled or renewed.” I am inclined to believe TV Series Finale, which is affiliated with Nielsen.

Until we hear official word from STARZ, the status of Ash vs Evil Dead remains up in the air. You can catch the series every Sunday on STARZ at 9 p.m.

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