Ash vs Evil Dead editorial: A possible future without El Jefe


In an interview with Assignment X, Bruce Campbell teases “it may be game over for Ash. He is mortal.” If Season 3 says goodbye to the iconic character can a possible Season 4 happen?

“Who says I haven’t hung up the chainsaw?” – Bruce Campbell to Aaron Sagers of SyFy Wire

Is It Really Time to Say Goodbye?

Recently, in an interview with Assignment X, Bruce Campbell wanted to let fans know that “it may be game over for Ash. He is mortal.” This must have been hard for admirers of the iconic movie trilogy and his current series Ash vs Evil Dead to hear. As a matter of fact, the internet was a buzz with this revelation.

However, last summer in a chat with Aaron Sagers for SyFy Wire, he posed the question, “Who says I haven’t hung up the chainsaw?” So, this has been floating around in the air for quite some time. It is the elephant in the room that followers don’t want to see let alone think about.

Bruce Campbell has been playing the role of the reluctant hero, Ash Williams for almost four decades now. That is a long time. The amount of physicality involved, the stunts, the harnesses and as the actor has said himself, being face down in cellars covered in blood is challenging.

Let’s face it the AVED shoots are demanding. Now, I am not intimating that he can’t do it. I am pointing out the reality of the situation.

Disclaimers, We Have Them!

With Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) possibly gone as well as Dalton (Lindsay Farris) we have to take in to account the Evil Dead landscape is changing much like life. Not everything stays the same no matter how badly we want it to. People come and go and it hurts.

We also know that even death is not a permanent thing in this series. Everyone knows the stakes are high, it could be the end of the world but a new one can rise up from the ashes. So, if this is the end of the road for Bruce Campbell…can the series continue for a possible Season 4 if given the greenlight?

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My answer is NOT based on insider information. I do NOT know anything. What I am about to say is controversial for the diehard fans but in my heart, I believe that Ash vs Evil Dead if given the go ahead by STARZ for a Season 4 could do it without Bruce Campbell.

Ash has taught Kelly and Pablo (Ray Santiago) well. If she makes it back from being possessed this time, it isn’t a stretch to have her take the proverbial boomstick and become El Jefa. Pablo and Kelly together would be a dream team.

Even Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) is proving herself on the show. She already chose her Dad over Ms. Prevett/Ruby (Lucy Lawless). Another strong female on the Ghostbeaters would definitely be an asset. She and Kelly have already begun to forge a bond.

Don’t discount the Knights of Sumeria either. There is a possibility that Ash’s descendants may be among them. After all, he did knock boots with Sheila in the 1300s. Their inclusion could bring an added dimension to a potential Season 4.

The Last Hurrah

The end justifies the means. None of us knows the outcome of this epic season. If Ash were to go out saving the world, then that is befitting.

A warrior’s death would be a perfect goodbye for the actor and the character if it comes to that. There won’t be a dry eye in the house and it will sting like a band aid being pulled off too soon but what will remain is the work that is left behind. The legacy of a little film that launched the careers of three talented men from Michigan will go on.

Do you think Ash vs Evil Dead could continue if given a Season 4 without Bruce Campbell? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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