Ash vs Evil Dead: Don’t ask Bruce Campbell to run for President!


Bruce Campbell was in Dortmund, Germany for the Weekend of Hell convention. In a panel discussion he was asked what he would do if he was president of the United States. His answer was needless to say, interesting.

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan


Bruce Campbell was in Dortmund, Germany for the Weekend of Hell convention. During his panel discussion, he was asked by an audience member, “What would he do if he were President of the United States?”

I have to hand it to the gentleman that originated this particular query. It was offbeat and definitely different compared to the plethora of usual questions that the actor gets during Cons.

As always, Campbell’s answer was highly entertaining. “Light my hair on fire and run down the street naked. I don’t want to be president ever.”

“There have been too many things that I have enjoyed that I don’t care to share with anybody. I don’t want anyone going through my garbage. Can you imagine?”

“If you were president, do you realize what they would do to you? They would look up every time you kicked a dog when you were 7 years old. Have you ever kicked a dog? No? We’re gonna find out.”

So, it is pretty safe to say that a run in 2020 is not going to happen for this B movie actor and author. I can’t say that I blame him. It’s probably a smart move.

Becoming Reagan

Another fan inquired how Bruce’s experience was playing President Reagan in Fargo. Oddly enough, Campbell shares a few similarities with the deceased Commander-in-Chief. In his “other” life, Reagan was an actor in B movies just like Bruce! Also, both men hail from the Midwest.

According to Campbell, “I used to imitate him all the time. In the 80s, Ronald Reagan, you couldn’t get him off your television. He was everywhere.”

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“A friend of mine who now produces Fargo, we went to high school together he knew that I did that imitation. The trick was to not do an imitation, do a character. So, you have to dial it down.”

According to his close friend and producer on Fargo, John Cameron, Campbell prepared for the role by “setting up a studio with a three-camera set up. He got a hold of Reagan’s speeches and worked on his own over and over working on the Reagan character in complete seriousness.”

Behind the Scenes

Check out this clip from Fargo featuring Bruce as President Reagan:

Having lived through the 80s I can attest to the fact that Campbell has Reagan down pat and he has captured the essence of the “Great Communicator.”

Here is the entire Q & A session with Campbell from Weekend of Hell, courtesy of Emanuele Crivello:

You can catch Bruce every Sunday on STARZ at 9 p.m. in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Have you seen Bruce’s portrayal of President Reagan on Fargo? What did you think of it? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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