Swallowing Souls: 4 ways the Evil Dead franchise could go on ‘Ash-less’


Brushing tears aside and picking up our boomsticks, let’s look at 4 specific ways the Evil Dead franchise could continue without Ash Williams!

Pablo and Kelly (Ash vs. Evil Dead, Starz)

1. The Continued Adventures of Pablo and Kelly

Okay, so it’s a working title and it may be unlikely, but Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) are likable, kick-ass characters who could certainly carry a TV show/film series. Hey, it’s what “El Jefe” would have wanted, right? Given the near universal acclaim for the show, it’s plausible that the success had something to do with the writing, as well as with Ash. Over time, it would likely win over new folks who were previously skeptical.

I would suggest that, for at least the opening episode, Ash could make a brief appearance. Hopefully Bruce could step out of retirement for a brief, fleeting moment, just for the fans and to help the story transition.

That being said, this would have some major hurdles. Every time a show is re-started, re-imagined or re-whatever’d, there is an “eye roll” factor among some fans, and especially among critics. Also, the creators would have to get things to line up legally (a frustrating aspect for fans everywhere). On top of that, no one wants a quick cancellation to occur. The show would have to prove itself again, and harder this time. Still, it’s an obvious possibility.

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2. An Ash-less Evil Dead Film Series

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This one has solid proof of concept, with Fede Álvarez’ Evil Dead, released in 2013. Though that film has mixed reviews, plenty of people did like it — including some who loved the original franchise. Quite simply, a demon-plagued cabin in the woods (and other locations) stands as a versatile concept.

People often forget that, while Ash is awesome, the Deadites themselves are key elements in the Evil Dead universe. In fact, this was even clear in the first Evil Dead film, where Ash’s personality was a lot more toned down. He was a kinder, gentler, Ash — a less brash Ash. There were less “boomstick,” “groovy” and “Gimme some sugar” lines. The Deadites sort of took center stage, and why not? They’re frickin’ demons, man! They can carry a movie pretty well, especially in the right hands.

That brings me to door number 3….

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3. A Deadite-Centric “Evil Dead” Movie/Series

Here’s a concept that could ruffle some feathers! Why not have something from the demonic point of view? Oddly enough, this isn’t even done very often in horror, which could increase the shock factor a bit. I can imagine the “concerned parents” groups picketing and whatnot, but what the hell? It’s an awesome approach with loads of potential!

Personally, I would love to gain insights into what the deadites/demons are thinking, how they rationalize what they do, and discover if anything makes them relent or tone down their evil (as hinted at in the series). The great thing is, this show does’t even need a main character. How cool would that be? A show without a main protagonist or antagonist. What a concept! I should write this myself.

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4. Evil Dead: The Animated Series

This may be the best idea of all, and it may have proof of concept already. When I was growing up, I recall watching some episodes of a Saturday morning cartoon, Tales From The Cryptkeeper. One might also recall Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark and other assorted creepy shows for kids (hell, even Scooby Doo is proof of concept here).

Of course, an animated Evil Dead could also work for adult audiences. Want proof of Concept? It’s not an Evil Dead film, but Yeon Sang-ho’s “Seoul Station” is one of the best zombie movies I’ve seen, and it’s animated.

In Conclusion

In this day and age, the possibilities are endless. There already is an Evil Dead musical, along with video games and comic books. With or without Ash, the sky’s the limit for the Evil Dead. I think they’ll be stirred up in numerous ways, and deserve to be. Let ’em swallow your soul in various formats.

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What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Evil Dead can keep living? Let us know in the comments!