Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers — 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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8. Family Guy used the film heavily in an episode’s storyline

Having been around for almost two decades, Family Guy has covered a lot of material over the years. Some episodes are zanier than others, and many storylines are rather wacky and random. So, even though it seems odd, it shouldn’t be a surprise that of all movies, Halloween 4 was used as a focal point in the storyline of a certain episode.

On the show, it’s revealed that anchorman Tom Tucker used George P. Wilbur as a stage name. Of course, Wilbur is the man who played Michael Myers in the movie. According to Peter Griffin, Halloween 4 is the “greatest movie of all time,” so he’s excited to learn this fact about Tucker. After Peter tracks Tucker down to get his DVD of the movie signed, the experience leads to Peter convincing “George” to get back into acting.