Ash Wednesday: 10 favorite My Name Is Bruce moments

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Favorite My Name Is Bruce Moments – Courtesy of Dark Horse Entertainment

My Name Is Bruce is one of our favorite Bruce Campbell flicks here at 1428 Elm. Join us as we revisit some classic moments from this hysterical parody.

“If you don’t like Bruce, you walk.” – Jeff Graham

Will the Real Bruce Campbell Please Stand Up?

I remember when I first saw My Name Is Bruce. It was one of those “WTF am I watching” moments. For whatever reason, I decided to revisit it and I am glad that I did. This is one of those underrated gems that never fails to amuse time and time again.

For Bruce Campbell fans, I highly recommend this film. The Mark Verheiden script is a dead-on parody of what the actor’s followers probably imagine his off-screen life to be like.

What makes this effort special is the fact that Campbell is acutely aware of the absurdity of certain situations in his professional life and he is fearless in poking fun at them. Perhaps this is why he has sustained such a large cult following over the years.

With him, there is no pretense. You can imagine that he would be a fun guy to have a few drinks with and shoot the breeze. My Name Is Bruce capitalizes on his persona and cranks it up a few notches for comedic effect.

Welcome to Gold Lick

More from Bruce Campbell

Bruce plays a narcissistic actor, Bruce Campbell (go figure) who has hit rock bottom in his career. He is kidnapped by a teenager named Jeff who has unwillingly unleashed an old demonic force on his hometown of Gold Lick, Oregon. An overly enthusiastic admirer of Campbell’s work, he kidnaps the actor to help him save everyone from certain destruction.

Campbell built the sets for the little burg where most of the action takes place in his backyard. He hired several of his friends, Ellen Sandweiss, Ted Raimi, Tim Quill, Danny Hicks and the McCain brothers in critical roles.

Even the behind the scenes personnel were people that he had worked with before like his makeup artist, Melanie Tooker, Michael Kallio and Craig “Kif” Sanborn just to name a few. It was the efforts of all of these familiar faces that made this movie a fun way to spend an hour and a half.

The Sizzle Reel

There are so many hysterical moments in this production but I managed to capture ten of what I think are the most memorable.