Bruce Campbell has no regrets over retiring as Ash Williams


After almost four decades of playing Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise, Bruce Campbell retired from portraying the character. Four months after the final episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, is he at peace with walking away?

“Sequels can ruin movies sometimes. All you remember is the s***** sequel.” – Bruce Campbell

You’ve Got to Leave It Behind

In a recent interview with Horror Fuel, Bruce Campbell talked about life post Ash vs Evil Dead. Four months ago, the STARZ show was cancelled by the network much to the sadness of horror fans everywhere. Shortly thereafter, the man who brought Ash Williams to life announced on Facebook that he was retiring his character.

“It’s time,” is what he told everyone. His followers tried to rally by petitioning Netflix, but Bruce nicely told them, “Big props for the effort, but I’m retired as Ash.” Then at Motor City Comic Con, Rob Tapert was asked during a panel discussion about Campbell’s retirement.

The producer replied, “We’ll see. You can’t run a blade up and down a half mile of drive, he’ll get tired of it.” His wife, Lucy Lawless and Bruce’s co-star interjected jokingly, “He needs us.”

Interestingly enough, by all accounts, it would seem that life has gone on for the actor. He is doing the convention circuit and he will be touring certain U.S. cities with his trivia gameshow, Last Fan Standing.

Even though he isn’t resting on his laurels and remains productive, there is still that nagging feeling or perception that he may regret walking away from the franchise that gave him his start in the business of show.

Horror Fuel asked him how he felt about his decision to leave the Deadite and gore filled world of Evil Dead behind. Not one to pull punches, his response was characteristically blunt, “I retired him so why would I feel bad about it? I feel great about it.”

The Writing Was on the Wall

Campbell went on to say, “Basically, you know what? It’s all I got. There is no more I can give Ash physically, mentally or spiritually. I left it all on the table.” And he is right. He gave season 3 his all.

Ash finally came full circle. The character grew up. Gone was the selfish, arrogant loner from season 1 and in his place was a man who was more than pick-up lines. He became a father, a leader and a hero.

I agree with Bruce. It was an ideal time for him to say goodbye to that part of his past. In his words, “Act three has begun.”

It probably wasn’t an easy parting of the ways because after all he grew up with Ash. He honed his craft with him. In his words, “I think that we wrapped it up. We took care of the character. Now, I can say I’m done and I’m fully done.”

Enter Stage Right

More from Bruce Campbell

Just because that chapter in his life has ended doesn’t mean we won’t ever see him again. In addition to his upcoming public appearances, he is also coming back to television in the new AMC series, Lodge 49.

Campbell will be playing Gary Green, a man that goes by “many names.” His character is larger than life and is spoken about prior to his onscreen entrance which doesn’t happen until episode 7, “The Solemn Duty of the Squire.”

Bruce’s three-episode arc begins on September 17. Episode 8 “Something from Nothing” premieres September 24 and his final appearance will be in “Apogee” which has an air date of October 1.

The show is on Mondays at 10 p.m. If his brilliant performance is any indication of what we can expect from the actor in the future, then I say his fans have a great deal to look forward to.

If you want to keep up with Bruce, you can follow him on Twitter @GroovyBruce. On his website at, you can find out where you can meet and greet the actor. He is also on Facebook and Instagram @shemp_malone.

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