Texas Tuesday: Should Blumhouse come to Texas for Leatherface?


With Blumhouse set to unleash a new nightmare in Haddonfield, should The Texas Chainsaw Massacre join Halloween in the company’s horror movement?

Blumhouse is on fire, but should the popular horror label make a massacre down in Texas?

The Blumhouse Of Horror

If you’re a big horror fan, you probably love Jason Blum and his house of horrors. Since 2009’s Paranormal Activity, Blumhouse Productions has risen from small outfit to serious player in the film world. With hit after hit, including Insidious, Sinister and The Purge, there’s seemingly no stopping the Blum train as the company even brought M. Night Shyamalan back from the dead.

With next stop Haddonfield happening in two weeks, the new Halloween has me thinking about Leatherface carving his way to Blumhouse. Mostly, should The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bring its madness to the hot horror company?

Rebuilding In Texas

The last time Bubba graced our lives was the dismal Leatherface. Along with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2013) and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006), producers have been trying to bring the slaughter legend back for years to little fan fair and critical obliteration. But all it takes is a quick walk down a dark Texas road to see fans are hungry for more Sawyer meat — we just want some quality cinema cuts.

Not since Platinum Dunes remake has The Texas Chainsaw Massacre world offered anything of value and worthy of the iconic name. Would finding a home in Blumhouse revive the ever fading franchise? What would the film even look like?

The Texas Blumhouse Massacre

More from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

While the film game is a tricky beast, especially with a proven property, Blumhouse sets itself apart by nurturing projects and setting up success from the very beginning. Insisting on John Carpenter’s blessing before moving forward with Halloween, the production company knows how to make quality pictures people will pay to see — assuming the return of Michael Myers is as good as it looks.

So, what would a Blumhouse Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like? With many of the main players sadly passed, including godfather Tobe Hooper and ‘Leatherface” Gunner Hansen, there aren’t many who are still around from the original to be involved. Assuming they go the reboot/sequel route (purely speculation), getting original screenwriter Kim Henkel and actor Edwin Neal on board would help — certainly couldn’t hurt.

And if not, get someone how loves the franchise much in the way David Gordon Green is big on Halloween and Sam Raimi grew up on “Spider-Man” comics. Do this and the rest will probably fall in place….probably.

Land of Leatherfaces

Increasing with every generation, horror is as big as ever. With more adults embracing the genre years after year, there’s a market for a decent return of Leatherface. Blumhouse has built itself as a brand people trust, continually delivering solid picture after another. So, should the company take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? It’s the sharpest shop in town, you tell me.

This has been another edition of Texas Tuesday. We’ll see you Texans next week down some dark, dirty road.

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Fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Think Blumhouse should take control of the series? Let the other know what you think in the comment section below.