Night of the Living Dead: Take a bite out of 50th anniversary Waxwork vinyl


With the George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead turning fifty, the iconic zombie film is getting a deluxe vinyl from Waxwork Records.

Night of the Living Dead is five decades old….and ever sounded so good.

Waxwork Records is ready for some Pittsburgh undead. Now available for pre-order, the iconic Night of the Living Dead score is coming to vinyl. Featuring artwork by Robert Sammelin, the deluxe set comes packed with never before seen production photos and liner notes by Daniel Kraus and Gary Streiner. All on a 180 Gram double “Ghoul Green” LP, fans of the zombie classic are in for a real treat.

Look for the gas pump keys while checking out the set below:

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Are you ready to take on these sound….bites!?

As Waxwork Records is one of the best spots for horror vinyls, expect this one to be like the rest of their catalog — freaking stunning. With care and detail put into every inch, from the actual record to the packaging, this vinyl on George Romero’s seminal horror classic look like maybe their best yet.

With the zombie classic turning fifty this year, it’s the perfect time to honor the film with the deluxe vinyl treatment. Opening doors for some of your favorite things, including Shaun of the Dead and the popular Resident Evil video game franchise, there is nothing like Night of the Living Flesh Ea….I mean Night of the  Living Dead.

To pre-order your limited edition Night of the Living Dead vinyl, head on over to Waxwork. The set should be shipping Nov. 12, so this is looking like a short pre-order.

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Fan of the George Romero classic? Picking up Waxwork’s incredible vinyl? Let the other flesh eaters know what you think in the comment section below.