Ghostbusters set to reunite in the upcoming Zombieland sequel


Two of the original Ghostbusters will reunite in the much-anticipated Zombieland sequel, due to be released in October of this year.

On October 2, 2009, Zombieland made its theatrical debut in theaters across America. 10 years later, there will finally be a sequel to the beloved horror-comedy film.

The first incarnation starred Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus, a young adult who was one of the last remaining survivors of his apartment complex when the zombie apocalypse struck. He is the focal point of the film and much of the story revolves around his “rules” to survival now that the plague has infected most of the population.

Upon escaping the remains of his home, he meets three other survivors, Woody Harrelson’s character Tallahassee, and a pair of sisters played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin (their characters are named Wichita and Little Rock, respectively.)

The first Zombieland was received by both critics and audiences alike, going on to earn over 100 million dollars at the box office. Not only was it a refreshing comedic take on the zombie genre (akin to Shaun of the Dead) it also featured a notable and hilarious cameo performance from Bill Murray, playing himself.

Well as news of the Zombieland sequel is shaping up, fans of the first will be happy to know that GeeksWorldWide got an exclusive that not only is Murray going to be returning, his fellow Ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd, will also be joining him.

Exact details of the extent of their involvement are being kept firmly under wraps, but if the first film’s humorous inclusion of Murray pretending to be a zombie and hanging out with the group of traveling misfits is any indication, I’m sure it’ll be a scene – or scene(s), worth remembering.

Little is known about the Zombieland sequel’s plot either except that the survivors will be facing off against “super-zombies”, aka, the zombies have metastasized and evolved within the environment and as such have developed new and terrifying ways of stalking their prey.

The group of misfits we grew so attached to in the first Zombieland are certain to have their hands full as they trek across country to find a new safe haven, I wonder if Murray and Aykroyd’s characters will be able to lend them a hand?

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If you were a big fan of the first Zombieland film, you’ll be happy to know that the entire cast of the original is returning for the sequel. In addition to Stone, Breslin, Eisenberg, and Harrelson, the gang will also be joined by Zoey Deutch (Set It Up) though not much is known about the character she’ll be playing.

Did you enjoy the first Zombieland? What do you want to see happen in the sequel? Hit the comments and let us know!