Ray Santiago gives us the feels as he remembers Ash vs Evil Dead


Ray Santiago spoke to Red Carpet News TV recently to reminisce about his days working on the STARZ series, Ash vs Evil Dead. It’s coming up on a year since the cancellation and what he said seriously made us get all verklempt!

Ray Santiago has always been one of my favorite people to talk to at 1428 Elm. He is always an interesting interview with great soundbites and quite a bit of energy to burn! Recently, he sat down with Red Carpet News TV to take a trip down Memory Lane (not Mammary Lane, Chet!) and talk about why he loved working on Ash vs Evil Dead so much.

I will admit it was sad to see the series get cancelled but it left the field wide open for the cast to seek out new ventures and exciting opportunities. For Ray, fans of Pablo got to see him do a 360 as the spoiled well-to-do entrepreneur in Hulu and Blumhouse’s The Body episode of the anthology series, Into the Dark.

Dana DeLorenzo did a guest spot on Fox’s comedy, Rel while Lindsay Farris will be appearing opposite Lucy Lawless in her new series, My Life is Murder. Bruce Campbell did a stint on the AMC quirky comedy hit, Lodge 49 as well as participating in Eli Roth’s History of Horror.

So, we still get to see the cast but let’s face it, this show was special for those of us that love horror. Why? It brought back a beloved and iconic character of the genre. We were invited into Sam Raimi’s brilliant Evil Dead world again if only for 3 short seasons.

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That is why it is always a pleasure to hear little stories and tidbits from behind the scenes that we may not have known. In his chat with Red Carpet, Ray talked about some of the good times he had on and off set with the Ghostbeater group.

Boat Trips with Bruce

One of his fondest memories is hanging out with the cast every Easter on a boat that Bruce Campbell would charter. They would travel around New Zealand and just enjoy each other’s company.

In a previous interview with us in May of last year, Ray also stated that Campbell would take the cast out for fancy dinners and that helped them get over being homesick.

"“It was just like we were this family and we had a really great time. Bruce loved to have fun.”"

Lucy’s Not a Diva

Santiago’s character, Pablo spent quite a bit of time being tormented by Ruby, Lucy Lawless’ alter ego on the series. In season 2, she turned him into the living embodiment of the Necronomicon, in addition to making him give birth to her demon spawn. However, despite all of these moments, the actor says he misses being “tortured by her.”

As for Lucy Lawless the person, Ray marvels at the fact that she is a show biz veteran but her ego is in check. “She’s not a diva.”  He also admires her willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve an onscreen moment and her dedication to her craft.

Ray Santiago’s Journey or Pablo Grows Up

When we were first introduced to Pablo Simon Bolivar, he was a shy co-worker of Ash’s at Value Stop. It seemed like he was prone to being more of a follower than a leader. In matters of the heart, he pined for Kelly Maxwell, his friend and co-worker from afar.

During Season 2, Pablo started to grow bolder. He even took on Baal in the series finale. But Season 3 was his tour de force as he realized exactly what power he had from being one with the Necronomicon. Finally, he became El Brujo Especial, the walker between worlds and the savior to his beloved Kelly.

One of Santiago’s fondest memories is his character’s arc and evolution.

"“In idolizing Ash and the nincompoop that he is, Pablo finds his way. He realizes he can believe in himself. If Ash can do it, he can do it.”"

Another plus for Ray was having a Latino actor portrayed in a positive light.

"“I grew up watching horror. I wanted to be the hero saving the girl. On Ash vs Evil Dead, I was one step closer to becoming the superhero I always wanted to be as a kid.”"

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Look for Ray Santiago’s next project, Tone-Deaf which will premiere on Mar. 10 at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Are you an Ash vs Evil Dead fan? What was your favorite Ray Santiago moment? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.