Dexter: An Inconvenient Lie or Dexter’s fake addiction


In episode 203 of Dexter, our favorite serial killer is compelled to join an addiction recovery program. However, we know it’s not drugs he’s addicted to.

Season 2 of Dexter deals with some odd, unique and unpredictable situations for its main character. As Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) gets closer to Rita (Julie Benz), it gets harder to conceal his extracurricular activities. The rational conclusion? Pretend he’s addicted to drugs, as opposed to vigilante-serial killing.

It’s not like Dexter wants to do this. In fact, he hesitates at first. However, it also turns out to be a convenient way to throw off Sgt. Doakes (Erik King), who’s been tailing Dexter for a perceived link to the slain Ice Truck Killer (Christian Camargo). While Doakes is right to be suspicious, the idea that Dex is a drug addict helps to partially explain his strange, elusive nature.

Still, Dexter isn’t out of the woods yet. When he’s not being hounded by Doakes individually, the entire Miami police department is threatening to close in on his operation, after a bunch of his kills were haplessly discovered by a scuba team. Basically, Dexter is under constant surveillance on all fronts, and it’s been getting to him. To make matters worse (and more interesting), by the episode’s end, it’s apparent that Rita is jealous/suspicious of Dexter’s drug sponsor, Lila (Jaime Murray).

Dex Looks for a New Ride and a New Kill…

Of course, Dexter’s real addiction can only wait for so long. Regardless of his job, his relationships, his own safety and security, and his stepdad Harry’s code, he has to get out and bag a new one. Who’s it going to be this time? Well, he’s had his sights on a sleazy used-car salesman named Roger Hicks (Don McManus).

In addition to lying about his own family background to sell cars, Roger has a quirky habit of murdering female brunettes. After verifying that he’s guilty through a DNA test, Dex’s dark passenger is ready to let his freak flag fly.

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In a sick sort of way, this kill is also a relief to the audience, as most of us secretly wanted to see the dark passenger in the driver’s seat (Either that or I’m alone here…in which case I should say, “I’m just joking, FBI surveillance team! Dexter is a bad guy, and I do not appreciate his skill set and self-assigned side job on any level! Also, I’m a hard-working, tax-paying American. Whew!”) Of course, there’s another problem forming in the search for the so-called “Bay Harbor Butcher” (AKA Dexter Morgan)…

A Traceable Pattern

Much like they’re paid to do, the Miami Metro Police Department is accruing data, leads and possible concrete evidence against Miami’s latest serial killer. It turns out that, although she’s reluctant, Dex’s sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is a reliable member of the team. After numerous families of Dexter’s victims come in, Deb notices that some of the verified identities are known to be “bad guys.”

Either they have criminal records or family members who seem relieved that the person’s now dead. She confides to Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine) that they might have a vigilante-style serial killer taking out the trash (especially when their body parts are literally put in trash bags).

Frank Lundy is purported to be a superstar, which is the last thing our anti-hero needs. However, it’s exactly the type of conflict that the viewer needs. While there are seemingly no guarantees in life, it seems that serial killers never walk a truly easy path. No matter how well they try to hide, someone like Lundy, or even their own family, can shine a light on their inner darkness and expose it to the world.

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Still, Dex did acquire a new “soccer mom” vehicle from Roger’s car lot, which is good for Rita and the kids. Little things like that matter, too!

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