Bruce Campbell: 5 interesting facts about The Fall of Sam Axe

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Bruce Campbell – Finley – Courtesy of Bruce Campbell Twitter

1. The Legend of Chuck Finley Is Born

We finally find out how Sam Axe’s famous alter ego was born. While Axe was in Colombia which is the locale for this movie, he was reading a Sports magazine. It comes to light that the Commander used to bet on the pitcher, Chuck Finley quite frequently.

Since he saw quite a bit of success when he did that, Sam felt it was a lucky name. That is why he used it for all of his undercover operations throughout the series run. Bruce Campbell’s father who coincidentally had the same first name as the pitcher, also knew a Chuck Finley in real life. This made the name easy for Campbell to reference.

Check out this video where Bruce answers fans questions about The Fall of Sam Axe. There are also some interesting odds and ends on this behind the scenes take as well.

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If you are a fan of Bruce and you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend it. Since it functions as a standalone and a prequel, you could use it to get into Burn Notice. The USA Network series is on Hulu and is extremely bingeworthy.

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