5 Bruce Campbell characters that we want to see in a limited series revival

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4. Brisco County Jr. – The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Bruce Campbell – Brisco County Jr 3 – Courtesy of Boam-Cuse Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Campbell admitted to the Houston Chronicle last year that he was open to revisiting Brisco but it had to make sense. After all, the show is over 25 years old. There are so many avenues to explore with the characters if this were to actually become a limited run series.

Unfortunately, Julius Carry isn’t with us any longer so that would be addressed. When we last saw Brisco, he and Lord Bowler escaped being court martialed and were trying to prove their innocence.

Would Brisco be roaming the country alone on this quest? What about Dixie (Kelly Rutherford)? Would the two meet up again because it seems as if their destinies are intertwined.

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John Astin (Professor Albert Wickwire) could hopefully be utilized in some capacity as well. Bruce makes an excellent cowboy. There is something about him and the West that just works.

The actor also revealed that over the years, he and show creator, Carlton Cuse have kept in contact. Maybe (fingers crossed) at some point, an idea that “makes sense” will appeal to Campbell and then he can get back in the saddle again for one final go around as the Harvard educated lawyer turned bounty hunter.